Which item on my desk are you?

Like everybody, i'm sure you've wondered fomr time to time, "what item on cal's desk am i most like?". Well look no further, because now there's an automated test to tell you just that. It's as if we're answering your prayers.

1. If you had to be a small fluffy animal, which would you be?
A hamster
A rabbit
Obviously a marmot

2. How far is it from here to over there?
Ooh, not far
Quite a way
Too far, don't even think about it

3. What's the best thing in the world?
Chocolate bunnies
The ever present threat of thermonuclear war

4. If you were to open a restaurant would it be a:
Gherkin stand
Cake shop

5. If your brain was melting would you:
Give in to the inevitable
Move away from the toaster

6. What footwear are you wearing today?
Deck shoes

7. Where are you holidaying this year?
I'm not
Monte carlo
Area 51

8. What do you use to carry stuff around?
A plastic bag
A briefcase
A sherpa

9. What is your ideal occupation?
House Husband

© 2002 Cal Henderson, the iamcal network