(if you're lonely, you can still sms me)

07.01.02 popcorn reads your email
11.01.02 earthworm jim is gone but not forgotten
16.01.02 PPL doesn't want you to use it
25.01.02 president bush's homepage
29.01.02 turn images into ascii art
29.01.02 put maybelline to a good use
30.01.02 bunnycorp is born

11.02.02 i'm getting lazy
12.02.02 online etch-a-scetch
18.02.02 Brainfuck for .NET released
18.02.02 bricklink is the place to buy lego
19.02.02 "comic strip" is genius
24.02.02 the real world of internet porn
28.02.02 a relvolution in word processing
28.02.02 a google of the future?

06.03.02 tomato cocktails?
so you want to learn japanese?
09.03.02 where the prince has gone wrong
14.03.02 choose your colors the mathemetical way
14.03.02 obfuscating code - a beginners guide

02.04.02 v92 still isn't here
09.04.02 cooking with cronin
09.04.02 disect a frog, in flash (not for the squeamish)
10.04.02 swearing is big and clever
10.04.02 Smart glasses order own refills
11.04.02 machines that fight
18.04.02 a respectable list of achievements

07.05.02 serious rubberband guns
07.05.02 a comprehensive thai food directory
07.05.02 sms web sender helps me stay in touch
10.05.02 iamcal action figures. well, maybe one day
21.05.02 perlguts - with scary pictures
31.05.02 greg's book is great
31.05.02 riot is a sort of browser

05.06.02 the galatic empire are a force for good
07.06.02 audible let you listen to books
12.06.02 donnie darko is the best film. ever
13.06.02 girls are pretty tell you waht to do
15.06.02 disk-on-key was geeky, now it's normal
17.06.02 spam filtering is still a huge issue
18.06.02 mil is a litery genius
cocoon smells like the future
20.06.02 londonbloggers maps cyberspace to physical space
20.06.02 randy bender is man of the month
23.06.02 cassette is very slick
26.06.02 espin will find you love
26.06.02 you NEED iamcal.com trainers
27.06.02 man not included - a snappy name
28.06.02 router porn is the future

01.07.02 stickleback is a good book
02.07.02 klez is unstoppable
05.07.02 outline maps can be very useful
05.07.02 fluxology is purty
10.07.02 making good 404 pages helps accessability
12.07.02 whelk was the book of the year
15.07.02 you never wash up after yourself - beautiful
17.07.02 subversive advertising start to get serious
23.07.02 the ad music archive
24.07.02 i wish they would bring back knightmare
29.07.02 the topato shirt was the only thing to be seen in in july

05.08.02 you are not cal
06.08.02 the whois report is the best web tool i've seen in ages
07.08.02 learn to speak ASCII
12.08.02 kaycee nicole explained
12.08.09 bash is the best thing on the internet
20.08.02 my brother teaches you to cook
20.08.02 make speakers from your old hard discs
21.08.02 do the right thing: don't save karen
22.08.02 british pubs are complex places
23.08.02 citycreator is born
30.08.02 dilbert lego sculptures rule

03.09.02 now everyone can speak 1337
11.09.02 simon should be writing about trains
17.09.02 nethack is both old school and very cool
17.09.02 scary toys are the next big thing
20.09.02 tuesday is a really beautiful series
23.09.02 animal facts is a book you need to read
23.09.02 think carefull about developing for OSX
24.09.02 instant.com is very pricey
27.09.02 good stickers make the world a better place

01.10.02 rats is addictive
01.10.02 find out how much your favourite band is worth
02.10.02 lego minifigs can help you build a pc
04.10.02 fraser helps you find your place in the world
07.10.02 we heart innocent drinks
07.10.02 get some Advanced Common Sense (tm)
08.10.02 the best film ever?
08.10.02 get someone else to look after your partner
14.10.02 search a billion digits of pi
15.10.02 children think the funniest things
31.10.02 perl books is going to be useful

01.11.02 a real-life pumpkin pc
04.11.02 threadless is addictive
04.11.02 but your girlfriend rez for christmas
04.11.02 the dangers of WiFi
07.11.02 text people in cars
07.11.02 make a mini-lego-you
18.11.02 customise your bash prompt
19.11.02 terach your kids html
27.11.02 2dtv ads banned for no good reason

02.12.02 sysadmin revenge is sweet and painful
02.12.02 not long left now for youg sal
04.12.02 has anyone tired this?
06.12.02 sh*thouse is amazing
08.12.02 fsv makes your filesystem act like it does in the movies
18.12.02 waddup, home skillet. chillin fo reals