iamcal.com - xmas 2003

iamcal.com is closed for christmas - to keep you busy while we're gone, here are a selection of the best links from 2003.

(if you're lonely, you can still sms me)

14.01.03 yatta makes no sense
15.01.03 atease is a great source of radiohead info
26.01.03 slammer worm kills the internet
28.01.03 the worlds number one source of pigeon street info

08.02.03 the last proper blogmeet before christmas
10.02.03 damien conway knows good design
13.02.03 desktop cray will change the way you work
20.02.03 gridlock is addictive

05.03.03 photoshop embroidery is very cool
05.03.03 the gridshell is amazing
12.03.03 people who work in dull offices make their own fun
17.03.03 nick clark knows how to make perl faster

24.04.03 gerson kurz is the master of interesting design
24.04.03 my new css module rules
30.04.03 the megatokyo graphic novel is very good
30.04.03 mjd writes a mean tutorial

06.05.03 fight club / calvin & hobbes crossover theory
06.05.03 spaceship scales are a useful thing to know
14.05.03 seizure bots never gets old
20.05.03 apple to sell bucket-o-ipods

14.06.03 colon dee is the best site on the internet
19.06.03 the paint game is far too hard
20.06.03 designing user authentication systems
20.06.03 the problem with cookie authentication

14.07.03 return to sender is fantastic
14.07.03 this is just dangerous. and irresponsible
14.07.03 i want a ponie!
14.07.03 rdf? matt biddulph explains all

01.08.03 purple pussy is a brilliantly witty cartoon
01.08.03 random color schemes that contrast
12.08.03 take pictures in space
12.08.03 make flowcharts of your dodgy javascript

17.09.03 new citycreator rocks your world
22.09.03 buy old style sweets online
29.09.03 a new final fantasy movie?
29.09.03 everyone needs an ascii wysiwyg editor for osx

03.10.03 reader millington's new book is great
17.10.03 london bloggers is back, bigger and better
20.10.03 group hug is both fantastic and horrifying
28.10.03 huge pixel art porn

03.11.03 tandy 102 case modding
11.11.03 belle de jour is the new wil wheaton
24.11.03 a very cool 3d tube map
25.11.03 everyone should know how lego is made

01.12.03 how to catch script kiddies
03.12.03 surely the fridge/oven combo is the best thing ever invented
04.12.03 send those illegal mp3's back
15.12.03 broog knows good film, puny hu-man

see you all next year :)