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About iamcal.com [ on iamcal.com ]

About iamcal.com

iamcal.com has been online for 19 years, 10 days, 14 hours, 25 minutes and 16 seconds - crumbs!

iamcal.com is primarily cal henderson's personal site, containing his linklog/weblog which he's been posting to regularly since June 2000:

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It also hosts a discussion forum where anyone can signup and post. The topic is roughly "whatever". That's been going for a while too:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member?

To become a member at iamcal.com, you just have to fill in the form here. It's free, and will make people like you more.

How can I put my photo on my profile page?

Ha! At the moment you can't, because the site is being rebuilt and doesn't have this feature yet.

I find PHP programmers HOT and I'm cute and single. Are you available?

I'm guessing nobody will ever read this.

Why is ArsePuppy called that? Is he gay or something?

arsepuppy, 14:22 14 March 2003:
Ok, well a couple of years ago at uni, me, Jeff and a couple of others were doing an assignment on the Habbo Hotel chatroom thingy. We had to decide on aliases and all that, but me being a bit spaced out and monged at the time (sadly, if you met me you'd realise this isn't at all rare), the first thing that came to my head was "Bumdog". Fuck Knows Why. I'm not a dog, or into bums so it's especially weird. Anyway, from then on I have been referred to as Bumdog. A few people who call me that don't even know my real name or anything. It's kind of evolved a bit though, I get called stuff like bumpuppy and Dog of Bum and stuff sometimes.

The Arsepuppy thing is kind of an evolution except it started as part of my stalking of Jess (only joking). To disguise my identity, I chose the name Arsepuppy for here because nobody would ever guess it's me, because "Arsepuppy" is nothing like "Bumdog" at all. No way.

Jesse? Apathy? What's with your dumb poll options?

Both "Jesse" and "Apathy" are required poll options. There's a little more explanation here.

Y can't eye join ur chat!!!???

This is a privately owned site - we are not subject to any rules other than those we set for ourselves, or that Cal (the owner) asks the community to abide by. We can therefore choose who we accept. So anyone who types like that can fuck off :)

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