The finger Oct 4th

Bert was getting tired of tapping his yubikey, so rigged up a system to do it for him:

I showed this to someone and they said, “So.. you built a button that you press that will press a button? Why not just press the button?” which was a bit infuriating because they clearly missed the whole point. “Don’t you get it? This button BAD, but this button GOOD. Me want to press GOOD button.”

This is a really fun write up of what you can do with someone's airline boarding card information, and a long journey to ensure responsible disclosure.

A few months after I imported the crazy Japanese toaster, the Balmuda finally went on sale on the US. I've only tried the Mitsubishi TO-ST1-T, but I can definitely confirm it makes some amazing toast.

If you're missing the soothing sounds of being in an office with coworkers, sound of colleagues is a good fill-in

I wish this make your own halloumi kit was shipping to the US. That seems like a great quarantine project.

I've updated my reading list for the first half of 2020. Covid has had a huge impact on my reading, having only finished 39 books in the first half of the year (versus 59 last year of the same period), but I've started reading more again in the last month or so. Highlights have been Agency (the latest from William Gibson) and The Starless Sea (great world building, no real story in the end, but very memorable)

Want to hear what's going on in your webpages? This great little snippet plays sounds as DOM nodes update and gives you a weird new perspective on what's going on behind the scenes.

Front Pages Jan 13th

I was surprised to find out that the New York Times still lays out their front page using pencil and paper.

Wooden Puzzles Jan 10th

I'm a big fan of jigsaw puzzles, the more intricate the better, and wooden ones are superior. I'm a fan of Liberty Puzzles, Artifact Puzzles and Nervous System (who make the hardest ones, IMO). You can also get custom puzzles from Liberty and Nervous System, which make for great artifacts (and unique gifts).

If you've ever wondered how the London Underground lines got their names, this will tell you. No new non-royalty-named lines in 87 years - we are an unimaginative bunch. Maybe better than Liney McLine Face?

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