Advanced Toasting Oct 17th

I was pretty intrigued by the Balmuda, a highly-sought Japanese toaster that claimed to produce the perfect slice of toast. Three years on and Japan's specialization in extreme attention to detail and perfection has produced the Mitsubishi TO-ST1-T bread oven, an even more ludicrous single-slice toaster. If you're outside of Japan, you'll also need a transformer to supply 100V at 930W to make it work. I'll let you know how it goes.

If you use AWS Lightsail and want to collect metrics for memory usage (or anything else) using CloudWatch, it's a bit tricky. So I wrote a little tutorial on getting it set up.

It turns out you can make a browser based chat client without using any JS or forcing page reloads. Truly amazing/evil. Probably not practical, but does show a clever mechanism for allowing some dynamic data flow with JS disabled.

The source code to every Infocom text adventure is now on github. It's all in ZIL, which you can learn about here. Time to replay the HHGTTG game!

It sounds like privacy works similar to the sadly defunct Final, but woks as a layer on top of your existing card. Has anyone tried it?

A great piece on pessimism, attitude and code quality

London Transit Details May 1st

An amazingly detailed map of the London transport network, this time showing detailed lines and platforms.

Wrapped up my reading list for 2018, with some great additions

LEGO Safe Dec 29th

How to build a working combination safe in LEGO - a clever and tiny mechanism

i think i was reading about SSX Tricky (2001) when I came across Snow, which is in an open beta right now

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