If you use Sublime text for coding or taking notes, then turning on autosave might be super useful. This ensures that my files get saved and synced to dropbox without me having to do anything, so I can always pick up where I left off on a different machine.

Seed Ship Jan 22nd

If you liked paperclips, a dark room, etc but you only want to spend 10-15m playing then, Seedship is definitely worth checking out. More games like this please!

As a general fan of text encodings, this short article on weird encodings seems like it was written specifically for me. Learn more about EBCDIC, KOI-8 and Punycode.

Wifi Tracking on the Tube Dec 11th

Long time readers will be familiar with my obsession with public transport, specifically the London Underground.

Gizmodo's analysis of Tube wifi tracking data is fascinating - including some of the truly insane paths people have taken between between King's Cross and Waterloo

For next time I'm putting a UI on top of a personal project, feather looks like a pretty viable alternative to font awesome.

Way back in July, I was inspired by Tripelbyte's language identification quiz, so I made my own version for esoteric languages. Never got around to sharing it outside of Slack, but here it is.

Next time I pick up some of my long-languishing game projects, Voxatron looks like it's worth checking out: a voxel engine with integrated design tools.

Fly Janet Oct 16th

Jalopnik's in depth look at Janet airplanes, the secret airline that flies between Las Vegas and secret government facilities is crazy interesting.

There are a ton of links off to a mix of conspiracy theories and stuff that really happened, including the scary-looking X-37B robotic space plane.

Some holes to fall down:
• The rumored Aurora reconnaissance aircraft
• Rat 55, the stealth 737

Cooling the Tube Jun 22nd

I recently rode the tube (London Underground) during super hot temperatures and the mechanisms to keep it cool in the face of some complex problems are pretty fascinating.

Faster, Stronger, Weirder Jun 21st

I just stumbled across this great arrangement of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger:

Which reminded me of the inventive finger-version for a decade (!!) ago:

And straight into the full body version:

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