Wrapped up my reading list for 2018, with some great additions

LEGO Safe Dec 29th

How to build a working combination safe in LEGO - a clever and tiny mechanism

i think i was reading about SSX Tricky (2001) when I came across Snow, which is in an open beta right now

at some point i'm going to upgrade my BBQ thermometer from my 2 channel one to this 4 channel beast [via myles]

i should probably try Return of the Obra Dinn, given how many people are recommending it this week

are pop lyrics getting more repetetive uses LZ compression to find out for sure - 2014 was the 'worst' year on record

it's the end of the year, so it's time for ... cleaning up some browser tabs!

the haunted island game looks pretty much tailor made for me

If you spend a large portion of your time in Google sheets, this quick primer on adding data labels will save you a ton of time in photoshop.

I'm fairly obsessed with the London Underground, so these tours of disused Tube tunnels sounds amazing.

rot.js is a neat looking JS toolkit for making rogue-likes

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