Want to hear what's going on in your webpages? This great little snippet plays sounds as DOM nodes update and gives you a weird new perspective on what's going on behind the scenes.

Front Pages Jan 13th

I was surprised to find out that the New York Times still lays out their front page using pencil and paper.

Wooden Puzzles Jan 10th

I'm a big fan of jigsaw puzzles, the more intricate the better, and wooden ones are superior. I'm a fan of Liberty Puzzles, Artifact Puzzles and Nervous System (who make the hardest ones, IMO). You can also get custom puzzles from Liberty and Nervous System, which make for great artifacts (and unique gifts).

If you've ever wondered how the London Underground lines got their names, this will tell you. No new non-royalty-named lines in 87 years - we are an unimaginative bunch. Maybe better than Liney McLine Face?

I find armchair treasure hunts pretty compelling in theory, but not enough to have ever tried to take part in one. Reading the solutions to previous puzzles doesn't give me much confidence in even getting started.

AI dungeon is now playable in the browser, so very easy to get started. It's very impressive, but still a very far cry from being fun.

Reading wrap-up Jan 2nd

I finished 116 books in 2019, breaking the two-per-week barrier but below my 2017 and 2018 counts (163 & 134 respectively). Highlights were Annalee Newitz’s excellent Future of Another Timeline and Tamsyn Muir’s amazing Gideon the Ninth.

I’ve never really understood JTAG before, but I think I finally get it after reading this tutorial. I just need to get the USB interface now.

Gävle goat Dec 23rd

The story of the Gävle goat is just too good, including the 2015 status:

A 26-year-old man fleeing the scene with a singed face, smelling of gasoline, and holding a lighter in his hand was arrested. Under questioning, he admitted to committing the offence, adding that he was drunk at the time and that in retrospect, it was an "extremely bad idea"

Creating a Slack client for Windows 3.11 is an amazing accomplishment - even building a 16bit app for Windows requires an older version (Windows 10 does have a 32bit version, but finding a copy is tough). The walkthrough is detailed enough to use a tutorial, and the christmas break starts today...

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