If you spend a large portion of your time in Google sheets, this quick primer on adding data labels will save you a ton of time in photoshop.

I'm fairly obsessed with the London Underground, so these tours of disused Tube tunnels sounds amazing.

rot.js is a neat looking JS toolkit for making rogue-likes

I'm in the process of setting up a new laptop and need to wait for the giant Dropbox sync. Getting Windows 10 to stop sleeping when locked required two different registry hacks. In 2018 :(

Generalized Presentation Sep 21st

Building a Turing Machine in PowerPoint, without using macros, a truly an amazing feat.

For some unfathomable reason, Bedfordshire (the area in which I grew up) grows some of the hottest chilli peppers in the world, all created by Salvatore Genovese.

Chasing Waterfalls Sep 4th

It's long been known that waterfall is the superior model for developing software, and we finally (~12 years ago, but probably didn't hit its schedule) have a conference to discuss these important techniques.

I've updated my 2018 reading list to include my June and July picks.

If you have a SnapScan S1300 (very excellent document scanner) and can't get it to work under Windows 10, try following these instructions

Giant Lego Jun 14th

This is a genius idea - using a 3D printer to make giant versions of classic Lego sets.

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