Neat little game where you have to place world events on a timeline, along with a Wikipedia card for each one, telling you more. Very addicting

Modular CPU Jan 3rd

I love this project - implemented a CPU using euro-rack synthesizer modules. Also introduced me to VCV Rack whish seems super cool itself.

I love the story of The Giddler, a character in the MacDonald's advertising world, but with very little evidence they ever existed.

A great little visualization of how many programming jobs now allow remote, according to listings on Hacker News

555 Timer IC Oct 21st

A very cool home project - you can build a working 555 timer chip out of individual transistors. It's one thing to know that ICs are made of transistors, it's another thing to assemble it by hand and then have it be usable. The very first PCB I made in school used a 555, so this is very cool.

Streaming Oct 3rd

I just love this story - The first streamer was a 12 year old on public access TV in 1993

Black Mesa is a re-write of the original Half-Life game, on a modern engine with updated graphics, puzzles and game play. It's a fan-made conversion, that took years, but it's really good.

If you read and enjoyed Bad Blood, the Theranos book, then you will probably want to listen to the "Final Chapter" podcast that talks about what's happened between then and now. The trial is just kicking off and the podcast is tracking that as it happens too.

Can you fit a whole game into a QR code? Some Windows assembly goodness in this video.

Lego Carcassone redux Sep 15th

I missed it at the time, but Nick Quaranto updated my 2011 Lego Carcassone post with a 5x5 version, back in 2014. Unfortunately the post now 404s, but the wayback machine has a copy.

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