If you read and enjoyed Bad Blood, the Theranos book, then you will probably want to listen to the "Final Chapter" podcast that talks about what's happened between then and now. The trial is just kicking off and the podcast is tracking that as it happens too.

Can you fit a whole game into a QR code? Some Windows assembly goodness in this video.

Lego Carcassone redux Sep 15th

I missed it at the time, but Nick Quaranto updated my 2011 Lego Carcassone post with a 5x5 version, back in 2014. Unfortunately the post now 404s, but the wayback machine has a copy.

Simple world maps Sep 14th

With the latest update to the CDC recommendations for international travel (trdr: don't), I wanted to visualize the stats of different countries. I found this neat little webapp that lets you interactively assign colors, export the data as JSON and then build a static PNG:

2014 was a wild time for iOS, and the creation of Becky! was truly the zenith

More on Havana Syndrome, courtesy of @matts - Science Vs have done a podcast episode on the phenomenon. Lots of good info in there, but their conclusion is a little disappointing

I've been following the "Havana Syndrome" story for a few years, and it's just keeps getting weirder. The BBC had a good summary of what we know.

Someone has ported the original You Don't Know Jack to run in the browser. There's also a blog which dives into the internal workings and file formats [via matt s]

Minecraft Enchantment Ordering Tool Jul 1st

I've been playing Minecraft again lately, and one of the more complex mechanics is around enchanting tools and armor. The order in which you apply and combine enchanting books can be the different between costing 20 levels, and being too expensive to even complete. There's a hidden formula (the prior work penalty) that goes into it. I was looking to see if anyone had built a tool to solve it for you, but I just found other people asking the same question. So I created one.

It's called Minecraft Enchantment Ordering Tool and the source is on GitHub.

This write up on finding arbitrary code execution in ExifTool is interesting both because it's Perl code that I used almost 20 year ago (and is still the best way to do it!), and that it's a great explanation of finding and exploiting vulnerable code.

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