Free Fonts by Cal Henderson


Why don't you include the uppercase and lowercase letters in a single font?
Uppercase characters need to be bigger than lowercase characters when they are used along side each other. Since you need a minimum of 5 pixels height for any charcter, the uppercase letters would have to be at least 7 pixels high to look the correct scale compared to lowercase letters. 2 pixels makes a BIG difference in pixel fonts, so in order to make small capital letters, the lower and upper case character sets do not work along side each other. They are split into different files to encourage you not to mix upper and lower cases.

What do the numbers after the font names mean?
They describe the type of characters in the font. The first digit denotes the case as follows:
• 0: lowercase
• 1: uppercase
• 2: both cases
And the second digit denotes the character style as follows:
• 0: normal
• 1: italic
• 2: bold
• 3: expanded
• 4: narrow
• 5: italic expanded
• 6: italic narrow
• 7: italic bold
• 8: bold expanded
• 9: bold narrow
So "Bob16" means font "Bob", with lowercase characters only, with an narrowed italic style.

What program do you use to create these fonts?
The "Font Creator Program" made by High Logic software.

How to you make them for PC and Mac?
They were originally created as PC TrueType fonts and converted to Mac TrueType using Macromedia Fontographer. Since OS X, you can just use the PC TrueType version everywhere.