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    Independents Day


      14:23 19 December 2001 (0 comments)

    If your name is Nino Stralla, please stop sending me text messages and post your message here

      17:49 18 December 2001 (0 comments)

    The bible told with lego. It's fun.

      20:21 07 December 2001 (5 comments)

    There's only 2 days left to sign up for secret santa. Secret santa appeared in thursday's new york times

    Desk duck itself is mildly amusing but the faq is funny beyond belief:
    Should we fear ducks? Apart from the possibility of a firm pecking, no you are fairly safe as far as ducks go, its geese you have to watch out for. Mind you I have often thought that with their ability to swim underwater as well as on the surface, and to walk and fly ducks could make the ultimate combat soldier.

    Wired have picked up the KPMG story (KPMG, KPMG. KPMG. KPMG). I feel somehow responsible for alerting tom to this.

    All you ever wanted to know about the underground postoffice railway. did anyone realise this exists at all?

    A scary online zoo

    The fantastic free host f2s (freedom to surf) is closing it's free hosting service. Users are being 'invited' to upgrade for about 40 a year.

      14:45 04 December 2001 (8 comments)

    O'Reilly's latest book

    Remember i found a flash scalalextric set a long time ago? Here's another.

    Nothing is amazing.

    What does a billion look like? What about a trillion? The megapenny project finds out. [via matt jones]

    Top ten signs that your son is computer hacker - seriously? [via tom]

    i like pete: rappanet

    I sent a letter to the BBC cult department:
    On the Hitchhikers Guide "Guide Quiz", question 5 ("Why might you not recognise a Hagguenenon twice?"), the answer should be "evolve" rather than "mutate". I feel this is quite important, as Hagguenenons are hyper-evolutionary beings, not just genetically unstable :)
    And within exactly 20 minutes i got this nice reply:
    You are, of course, right. You are so right, I think I'll go and wash my head in that bucket of water over there.
    If only all media organisations were so fast and friendly. And yes, i'm a walking Douglas Adams dictionary.

    Some muppets are trying to ban cookies.

    KPMG on metafilter [via tom via jason via tom via me via chris r]

      10:58 04 December 2001 (0 comments)

    KPMG tell chris r not to link to them. What to we do?

    Link to KPMG.
    Link to KPMG.
    Link to KPMG.
    Link to KPMG.
    Link to KPMG.
    Link to KPMG.

    What does Cal-bot say most often?


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