Diablo 3 numbers Apr 10th

Internationalization, math and the way numbers make users feel. The design of Diablo 3 numbers is a really nice look at how these all interact.

Some great notes for each chapter in Gravity's Rainbow to try and follow how everything is connected. I've been trying to find out how many characters are mentioned during the book, but can't find it anywhere.

Legal and Illegal Builds Apr 30th

Jamie Beard's talk on Stressing The Elements looks in detail at how Lego bricks are meant (and not meant) to fit together.

Sushi Towels Apr 30th

Why are these Sushi Towels not actually available for purchase?

Current thinking puts the steepest street in San Francisco (Bradford above Tompkins) at an insane 41% grade. That makes Lombard street look flat.

Covers of Covers Sep 21st

These excellent covers of Ryan Adams' covers of Taylor Swift's 1989 are so hot right now.

ASL Eminem Jul 20th

I meant to post this a while back, but this video of an ASL interpretation of Eminem's Lose Yourself is excellent:

Debugging wifi is always an exercise in patience for opaque systems, but this option on OSX might be useful - the ability to more aggressively switch between access points on a single network to find a stronger signal.

Axonometric Tube Jul 17th

Transport for London has released 124 axonometric diagrams of underground stations. Looking at stations you've walked through thousands of times is still a little confusing.

A future note to self - if you're trying to build and install PECL modules but your /tmp is mounted as noexec, you can manually set PECL's temp dir using pear. Yes, this makes little sense.

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