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31st October, 2:37 pm

Condolences to Zeldman.

26th October, 2:11 pm

What is it with paul and cups?If you surf on over to the polls page you'll see that i've added three new polls. Please join in - your votes matter

23rd October, 12:07 pm

So when did grenadine get redesigned?. Seems that Colleen got the excellent Jose (of ninezero fame) to do a makeover. Much cooler. I used to read grenadine back in the old days when she started it. When she and Josh were still happy. Alot has changed. Including endquote getting a new a pretentious design. Just because he was getting popular (his 5k contest entry should have won IMHO) there was no need to apply design for the sake of design.

I'm finding more and more cool stuff on GBlogs now i've actually started to look. I hope Jen is very proud of what she's created.

It appears that Mr Gates might not be the root of all evil after all. At the pretentiously named &quot

20th October, 9:38 am

A while ago now, luke pointed me to this site. They sell stuff that's been in movies and on tv. I want the matrix sunglasses.

Sally wins the "friends with weird names competition". She knows someone called Mercedes Pink. If you can beat that, please tell me.

The first thing you see when you visit a site is important. If people don't like what they see, they wont delve deeper into the site (not many of you get past the first page here :). This site has a great first page. Ignore the site itself (I have issues with the navigation), but admire the front page. That makes me want to see more. I'm working on something and i'm trying to do the same thing with the front page. Take a look and tell me what you think.

A few days ago (monday actually), we had 7.5 hours of downtime. At work. On our leased line. The one that serves our web sites. That sucked. Apparently the whole of NTLs UK network was down due to routing problems. Their primary system went down, their secondary system came up and fried the tenary system. Good show.

The coolest web design agency of the moment is Koiken. You should read an interview with co-founder, Gene Na, at pixeljunkie. How cool is that company?

Ally McBeal this week was really sad. I can't believe Billy died. And he told Ally he had loved her since he was 15. Like that's not going to screw her up for the rest of her life.

The cam portal at gblogs is now up (with me :). -censored-

Queen of the internet, zannah agrees with me that "Nothing of any merit can be created with a html editor". That girl truely is a genius :)

Ok. see you all later.

8th October, 1:54 pm

Mystery sweets number 1Deb seems to think that all english people drink tea. Perhaps the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy has given our American cousins a false impression. Most of the people i know drink coffee over tea. What about you lot?

I was quite suprised to see something that actually made me laugh on the back of a truck. Written into the dirt was "sponsered by". The cyber-age has truely begun. If only the site wasn't just a netsol holding page :(

For ammusement, visit in passing, a site made up of snippets of overheard conversations. This is a great idea. While wandering round Milton Keynes today with rebecca, i overheard lots of little pieces of converstaion that deserve a site all to themseleves. But i don't think that such a great idea should be copied. At least not without adpating it a bit. Hmmm.

Mystery sweets number 2Taken from in passing, is someone named 'Sprinkles'. Now that is a really cool name. Do you know anyone who has a really different name? I knew someone called Storm but that's about as far as my experiences go. If you've met any interestingly named people then tell me.

So anyway, we were in Milton Keynes, walking from the car through the Secklow East carpark when we hear a massive crash. Just a truck crashing, rebecca casually informed me. We carried on walking towards Deer Walk and as we crossed under the trees we saw the funniest sight. A small rental van had tried to go under the fly over and had ripped it's roof off. Entirely. It must have been at least a foot too tall to fit under there. There were bits of fibreglass everywhere and the drivers, two youg men and a woman, were looking forlornly at it as people drove by. I wonder how much it would cost them. Needless to say i ran straight back to the car to get my camera. Great stuff.

Mystery sweets number 3When we went for a 5e curry on wednesday night, we got talking about who you would have dinner with, if you could choose any 5 people, living or dead. Very run of the mill, i know. Well i got to 3 then ran out of ideas. I chose Alan Turing for his genius in breaking the enigma, Terrance Conran for his amazing design avec Habitat and Larry Wall for creating the perfect postmodern language. Who else do you think i should invite? Who would you invite? Answers on a postcard.

Ok, so i love sweets (and anything with sugar, generally), so today's pictures are of three sweets currently on my desk. Who ever can correctly identify all three, and tell me who makes them, wins. Simple enough. So get to it. For sweet making advice, learn from the experts.

Seems the digital camera was under mat's desk all along. And not only is peter back, but he's actually updated his site. Maybe we'll even touch pixelflo soon

1st October, 7:50 am

Thought i'd better update you all on my situation, as i'm losing track myself. I've started back for my second year of university, studying software engineering at UCE in Birmingham. It sucks in a big way. Now the love of my life, Rebecca, has gone off to university in Preston so I don't get to see her much. Mind you, you should really feel sorry for peter, whose wife has had to go away for six months, poor bloke. The more astute amongst you may have just noticed that peter is no longer missing. I spoke to him the other day and he is alive and well. Pixelflo might just be finished before my degree


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