Posts from September 2005

30th September, 4:46 pm

it's been a while since i had wallpaper, but it's getting difficult to resist.

30th September, 3:25 pm

beees! burning hot beees!

30th September, 2:34 pm

i'm losing my faith in the sanity of users. note-tastic

30th September, 2:04 pm

rollyo is, as time says, "in the web 2.0 style". built on top of the y! search api.

30th September, 10:15 am

finally there's a solution to my inability to park.

29th September, 4:55 pm

salt points out this review of the pop station 2. i kinda want one.

29th September, 2:19 pm

once again i'm terribly bhind the curve. the bleeding edge of web 2.0 is clearly knows://eris

29th September, 2:19 pm

you might not be able to get a good one for windows yet, but at least the psp has an svg viewer. thanks aaron

27th September, 11:09 pm

"beedogs is the premier online repository for pictures of dogs in bee costumes". seriously

26th September, 8:29 pm

brian fling, d. keith robinson, matt may and nick finck have started blue flavor. might be one to watch in the near future.

23rd September, 5:37 pm

a c boardgame. sooooo awesome

20th September, 5:15 pm

typetester is beautiful, fun and might even be useful. via pep

19th September, 10:56 am

hurrah for pixel fucking. an adny production i believe

19th September, 9:49 am

the ie developer toolbar, out 3 days ago, is really really good

17th September, 10:05 pm

super happy dev house 4 was awesome - photographic evidence

14th September, 11:08 pm

edmonton's john de ruiter is completely fucking insane

13th September, 7:52 pm

just incase you were unsure, scientologists are fucking insane.

13th September, 3:08 pm

salty points out a good apple history articles site.

12th September, 2:14 pm

the nano appears to be more or less indestructible. thanks aaorn

8th September, 5:17 pm

an excellent billie stalking article via coates, using the web for interesting purposes.

7th September, 12:17 pm

an excellent guide for students from rob-p: cooking eggs with mobile phones. also ties into the recent egg puns thread. seamless

6th September, 1:51 pm

bookmarked for later: nessus vunerability scanner.

6th September, 12:38 pm

a little bit long, but worth spending the time. lea points out how to be emo

5th September, 10:50 pm

paul ford has gone insane, but in a good way [via pb]

5th September, 12:55 pm

although lacking the macintosh history, braeburn does have some other interesting historical pieces and seems to be being actively updated. definately an interesting one to watch.

5th September, 12:46 pm

this birth of the lisa article makes for very interesting reading. a similar 'birth of the macintosh' would be nice

1st September, 4:48 pm

linspire are giving away their 5.0 product for the next 5 days. perhaps worth a poke. [via lee]