Posts from March 2007

23rd March, 2:10 pm

i want/need a wake n bacon

23rd March, 2:09 pm

the beatbots demo is awesome (click on "Keepon dancing to Spoon"). a video showing some other interactions is availabale [via gluk]

19th March, 2:57 pm

hello kitty swimwear ftw

16th March, 4:31 pm

a php error seem to have revealed the creator of icanhascheezeburger

16th March, 9:44 am

someone took extensive notes during will wright's excellent SXSW keynote. worth a read

15th March, 4:51 pm

waxy posted an interesting piece on the growth of twitter. it's going crazy right now.

5th March, 8:35 am

i want a chocolate dalek!