Posts from March 2011

28th March, 12:59 pm

the best part about the metric system map is the american comments suggesting they liberated the rest of the world and will invade them if they aren't thankful. rofl

28th March, 12:21 am

best tweet of the week is from defunkt on a/b testsing

27th March, 12:58 pm

wooden toy container ships? want

26th March, 12:36 am

i liked john legend on the last few kanye albums, but his soundcloud account is tres awesome. more artists need to post stuff on soundcloud (check the feist cover)

25th March, 1:25 pm

you should turn on javascript. the reasons for having it disabled are pretty accurate

24th March, 11:46 am

on the internets, everyone is a guy, especially the girls. oops

22nd March, 11:43 pm

best pull request evar. oh yes

22nd March, 8:40 pm

chartwell is fucking awesome. using ligatures for SCIENCE

21st March, 11:00 am

people from the past were pretty hardcore

20th March, 4:55 pm

i liked ted more when he was funny and not just dumb

20th March, 2:15 pm

oh adobe. i can understand not wanting to change APIs for backward compatibility, but when it's a long-standing security hole, perhaps you could at least aspire to fix it

19th March, 10:05 pm

wikipedia has a great summary of reactor status for the fukushima plant, followed by some excellent visualizations

19th March, 4:18 pm

the next big future article on deaths per terawatt hour is fascinating. the hacker news comments are interesting too.

16th March, 4:56 pm

how to split a check, based on your age. yes

16th March, 2:28 pm

the katamari damacy bookmarklet is the best thing i've seen so far this year. for reals

16th March, 2:09 pm

i scored 23/5 before stopping. what about you?

9th March, 10:30 pm

dns prefetch can be a big deal for sites that give a subdomain per user

8th March, 12:46 pm

there is some complexity with things, it turns out

8th March, 11:41 am

a bbc news story about him from 2008

8th March, 11:30 am

this crap makes me excessively angry. it's not art, it's vandalism. fucking die in a hole.

6th March, 1:11 pm

this weekend's project - lego carcassonne