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Uh, Travis?

I'd like to check out travis-ci, but loading it crashes chrome. How does it even do that?


Oh god, I need to get all of these. Especially the narwhal.

Restarting sshd via Plesk

This piece of genius advice just got me back into a borked server. How did sshd get removed from chkconfig to begin with?

Facebook Engineering Process

A nice read about facebook's release engineering approach. This should all sound very familiar to Flickr alumni.

18th April, 3:47 pm

a lovely list of simple trick problems from mjd

18th April, 12:22 am

bank of america has sued itself more than 9 times in the past month. lulz

16th April, 3:40 pm

cheathco points out the kobe lie. you should read all 3 parts

12th April, 2:29 pm

the mechanics behind zxcvbn are fascinating.

Our new strat for heroic Warmaster. I...

Our new strat for heroic Warmaster. I really think this could work.

Originally posted on World of Theorycraft.

Noblegarden is upon us again, with...

Noblegarden is upon us again, with only minor changes from last year, the biggest being an addition of a new mount - Swift Springstrider. It’s ugly as sin, but you need to get it, obviously. It requires 500 Noblegarden Chocolate which is a few hours grind if you do it somewhere de-populated or off-hours. I picked Dolanaar, which only had a few hard-core grinders; avoid Elwynn Forest like the plague.

While collecting my 500 chocolates, I got a few of the other drops too:

That’s at least one of everything that drops, so completing the achievements should be pretty easy while going for the mount. Happy hunting!

Originally posted on World of Theorycraft.