Posts from March 2008

31st March, 3:48 pm

paint your city, make travel more fun. nice idea

31st March, 2:36 pm

exploding whale! [via failblog]

31st March, 1:40 pm

this economist article has a nice graphic showing the alignment of the uk and us political parties. amusing how far apart they are on some issue (such as religion). [via hamster]

31st March, 8:23 am

homemade bacon vodka? sounds interesting. maybe murphy has made some [via nik]

29th March, 2:27 pm

the plot of starwars, as explained by a 3 year old. makes it seem way more interesting

29th March, 2:17 pm

the simply hired job graphs are pretty awesome

28th March, 3:17 pm

the seo markup rap might just be the best thing i've seen this week [via crowley]

28th March, 10:58 am

based on the amazon review, this seems like an essential book [via aaron]

28th March, 8:23 am

the world's cutest kitten? hmm, maybe

27th March, 11:40 pm

sweded tron is the best movie evar. nice

27th March, 6:31 pm

bookmarking for later use - an ajax loading graphic wizard (i can never find this when i need it)

27th March, 3:41 pm

oooh, some love footage, via wafer. looks purty

27th March, 1:41 pm

this is too fucking creepy [via casey]

27th March, 12:35 pm

crazyblinddate looks interesting, but how are okcupid making money from it? [via the wag]

26th March, 7:57 pm

omg omg omg. kings of power 4 billion %. watch it all the way through. see?

25th March, 9:17 am

office snap shots has cataloged photos of the offices of various tech companies. nice

21st March, 8:33 am

fancy modular homes, along the lines of those micro homes from a couple of years ago, only way more swanky

21st March, 8:32 am

has anyone seen expelled? i mean, besides richard

19th March, 6:04 pm

maps based storytelling is very awesome [via pep]

19th March, 5:11 pm

belt fed nerf guns. in want it so hard

18th March, 5:41 pm

prototype looks sooo beautiful [via wafer]

18th March, 3:34 pm

julia allison's lip dub from sxsw is cute. but it's got nothing on the amanda masterpiece. [via the wag]

18th March, 12:06 am

i love the internets. via, of course, the iamcal forum

17th March, 4:06 pm

some time ago jeffrey friedl posted a detailed history of the 'now you have two problems' quote. and jwz himself commented with extra info

17th March, 3:42 pm

i want one of these. no, wait. i want an army of these. the performance on ice (about halfway through) is awesome.

16th March, 8:35 pm

do want. anyone want to buy me a present? from here

16th March, 3:36 pm

airfoil is awesome - play system audio over air tunes (when listening to pownce tunes, for instance). thanks mattb

13th March, 2:57 pm

some steampunk lego, via myles. very nice

13th March, 9:05 am

maybe i should just rename this blog iambacon. some maple-bacon lollies. i've ordered mine [via fraser]

10th March, 7:57 am

must. stop. linking. to. lolcats. argh

9th March, 1:41 pm

this would look great in my apartment. via chandler

8th March, 1:38 pm

reading cheezeburger again. bah, do not want! too good!

8th March, 12:53 pm

cheezeburger has the best job ad ever. i kinda wish i was a .NET developer now

6th March, 11:56 pm

this gamasutra article on 3d graphics in excel is an awesome read. for the impatient, check out the videos on pages 3 and 4

6th March, 11:50 pm

i don't read bash nearly as much as i used to, but it still contains gems

5th March, 7:27 pm

i have a total love-on for 13 & god at the moment. german electronica ftw

5th March, 5:40 pm

i heart dns wildcards as a feature

5th March, 10:59 am

myles has found some pretty serious burgers. looks soo good. might have to make some

5th March, 10:00 am

the awesome stuff always happens when i'm out of town

5th March, 9:05 am

cutest photo evar. too lo-res to fit into a presentation though :'(

5th March, 9:04 am

anyone out there look like link? kinda creepy

4th March, 3:49 pm

multiclutch for macbook airs seems quite fun. i'll be getting used to the simple gestures first i think [thanks bogan]

3rd March, 4:13 pm

there will be milkshakes. oh yes

3rd March, 4:12 pm

microsoft to not be jerks by default. that's pretty awesome news

3rd March, 4:11 pm

jeez richard, learn 2 google. how to print stuff to stdout in c#

3rd March, 2:03 pm

nice detail on this steampunk keyboard and monitor combo. [via wafer?]

3rd March, 1:42 pm

gah! stupid hammond. i think the timeloop theory might just be viable.

3rd March, 10:43 am

love looks really interesting. anyone know when it'll be out? beautiful artwork

3rd March, 10:00 am

bacon cups? i think i might replace all of my dishes with bacon. but not fill them with salad. what a waste [via chandler]

3rd March, 8:49 am

dockdrop looks kinda cool. anyone using it?

2nd March, 5:42 pm

haxed is a pretty awesome flash game. nice soundtrack

2nd March, 4:07 pm

buuf deuce is an awesome set of icons for osx

2nd March, 4:07 pm

seems like maybe i never linked to the buglabs stuff? silly me

2nd March, 3:39 pm

best review ever: "[cal] is a unicorn of technical knowledge". lots of fowa miami stuff in there