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4th January, 11:38 pm

oh yes, i have found me some new wallpaper

13th December, 7:10 pm

i don't know why i don't yet own this bed. it would fit perfectly in my apartment

21st October, 5:12 pm

just ordered some bacon jam. this is going to be great

8th September, 11:49 pm

flags made of national foods. genuinely awesome

24th June, 10:43 pm

carnivore? keep being awesome!

2nd June, 1:56 am

trip trop nyc is incredibly fucking awesome. and very fast, considering what it's doing. i assume they broke nyc into squares and have the times between squares precalced?

22nd May, 1:40 pm

i want one of these little rolling robots. do you think they have one with lasers?

16th May, 10:54 pm

a little project from last week - iTunesRemote. control iTunes over the web

10th May, 1:05 pm

looking for a torrent of bugs (at least season 1), but proving difficult. any ideas?

29th April, 10:42 pm

sharkify got a bit of an update after some prodding by mr schachter. positioning is now more even and clicking on sharks makes more sharks. magic!

23rd April, 9:57 pm

i'm not convinced that meat cards are real, but i want them

23rd April, 6:17 pm

omg i love japadog so hard

13th April, 6:20 pm

is it wrong to want a pencil sharpener that costs $455? of course not! lots of other good stuff at the same store

7th April, 7:21 pm

crank 2 looks indescribably awesome. "he'll stop at nothing, get get his heart back". because they literally stole his fucking heart. retardedly awesome

27th March, 10:49 pm

omfg, i need a remote control shark. and a public swimming pool

21st March, 9:32 pm

i haven't played ginormo sword is ages. yay!!

20th March, 3:14 pm

this awesome promo video makes me want to bust out reason right now

28th February, 7:14 pm

this lego stargate model is awesome. lights up, rotates and the symbols lock in. hot

23rd January, 12:03 am

iphone emoji is the best thing this week. maybe ever?

21st January, 1:04 am

i need one of these bad boys. any ideas where?

19th November, 2:47 pm


10th November, 2:03 pm

chicken fried bacon? the edge of the richmond is probably close enough for a quick excursion

20th September, 1:09 pm

omg. just been reminded about how fucking awesome the burton/uninc 2008 board range are. i want every one of these. except maybe the monkey. i need the kitten for sure. and the seal. gah!

9th September, 4:06 pm

looks like a new lego model is taking the prize for most pieces - the taj mahal is huge

3rd September, 9:43 pm

this xkcd still makes me smile. it helps if you've seen the discovery channel advert

10th August, 5:27 pm

omg. a candy mountain lipdub? my life is complete

9th May, 2:04 pm

that's the second job ad i've seen lately with reading my book as a requirement. that's pretty awesome

8th May, 10:22 pm

john resig is a fucking genius. you can check some of jared's stuff out too. you'll need a super-recent browser though

28th April, 12:45 pm

light emitting wallpaper? where can i get some? [via myles]

7th April, 2:41 pm

tweetclouds are pretty cool - unsurprising that my biggest word is awesome

4th April, 4:47 pm

brett graham is my new hero: brett corp, bringing solutions to people who need them when they need them on the day they needed them, after they've hired me.

1st April, 10:29 pm

and i thought our 15 foot lego tower was impressive. i need more bricks

14th February, 6:50 pm

did i blog the unicode poster stuff already? i hope so

22nd January, 1:56 pm

a sad day for web 2.0 - uncov is closing

27th August, 9:07 pm

best. thing. ever. loco roco karaoke. i've been singing it all night

2nd July, 9:13 am

an awesome review of the transformers movies (out today): "Imagine, if you will, the divine concept of awesome"

22nd November, 1:06 am

hatter's awesome site is actually, you know, awesome

26th May, 2:50 pm

this is fucking awesome - a GPS linkup for google maps that follows the map as you move. fuck yeah

19th April, 9:33 am

google maps now includes the uk. although the entry url is different, it's the same app. you can scroll left to find america. no satellite photos yet, beyond the whole country. hope they get those online soon.

5th April, 10:50 pm

the new decemberists album is super super awesome. i've been playing it on loop for the past week and am still loving it. genius.

4th April, 8:22 pm

google maps was probably the best thing ever done on the internet - but now they've made it twice as good. fuuuuuck

1st March, 4:21 pm

fuck fuck fuck fuck. the uk trailer for the new hitch hikers movie looks awesome.

9th February, 3:51 pm


4th February, 3:34 pm

this is the best thing on the web. a live webcam from the booking area of a tennessee jail. via holloway