Posts from July 2007

31st July, 2:45 pm

beautiful cupcake flavor availability visualiztion [via asc]

30th July, 2:41 pm

black is the new black [via asc]

27th July, 5:54 pm

this 1971 panorama of sf taken fro the top of the bay bridge shows alot of detail of the area i now live in - they're still building the trans-america pyramid and the embarcadero has train lines and a stacked freeway [via gino]

27th July, 4:21 pm

a nice visual evolution of apple products [via bogan]

27th July, 1:06 pm

some nice shirts from fictional places and companies - i want the weyland-yutani one [via hchamp]

26th July, 12:12 pm

the wii tii is pretty awesome [via asc]

26th July, 9:54 am

high scalability seems like a reasonable collection of arch articles and details.

26th July, 9:51 am

oooh, avp2 is still slated for a christmas release. hope it doesn't suck like the first one.

23rd July, 2:57 pm

no real idea what this is about, but it's very purty [via glo]

23rd July, 2:28 pm

the nomad system 'walls' are awesome, but way overpriced. i'd like to see the same thing in a thin, paintable wood. hmm? [via aaron]

20th July, 12:34 pm

i gave up and level 23. gets too difficult without alot of patience. or i guess a quick bit of code to solve it for you

20th July, 11:53 am

why am i reading b3ta? urgh. but some good stuff

20th July, 11:25 am

sometimes i wish i lived in japan [via b3ta]

20th July, 9:47 am

the prison-based thriller is pretty awesome [via dunstan]

19th July, 4:20 pm

google has the best food ever [via murphy]

19th July, 4:02 pm

bah - sucked back into vc again. there's some amazing work on there

19th July, 3:43 pm

looking back for this link i couldn;t find it, so here it is again. a version of the nyc subway map that makes for much easier reading.

19th July, 2:57 pm

girlsarepretty is still full of genius

19th July, 1:26 pm

japan gets all the good gameshows [via pb]

19th July, 1:07 pm

i have a 54% chance of surviving the zombie apocalypse. how about you?

19th July, 11:24 am

i can't get anyone to join my chorewars guild [via wafer]

18th July, 1:12 pm

i've ordered by baconsalt - have you [via murphy]

18th July, 12:16 pm

one names spells entertainment! my mailbox is so dull in comparison

15th July, 1:55 am

more mcsweeny's awesomeness, related to transformers this time. did i link this already?

13th July, 9:41 pm

coates links to a old old list of weblogs from the early days. lots of familiar names there. where was mark for the past x years?

13th July, 1:23 pm

i want to make some circuitry snacks [via sb]

13th July, 10:27 am

some more info on cloverfield [via dunstan]

12th July, 4:03 pm

grodon found a nice wumpus java clone

12th July, 3:14 pm

electrons are tiny [via alfie]

11th July, 2:19 pm

more on the 1-18-08 sites [via dunstan]

11th July, 11:20 am

lots of good stuff in the facebook apc talk. worth a read

11th July, 10:28 am

the bay area earthquake monitor is pretty cool (i felt the little san rafael one this morning)

10th July, 11:10 pm

i liked delicious more before it sold out. awesome old old old screen shots from joshua.

10th July, 10:59 pm

andy baio found a walkthrough for the ethan hass website

10th July, 5:01 pm

this seems to be related to 1-18-08. and hovering over the right hand star gives you a key to a transliteration cypher. has anyone decoded the ball thing? [via dunstan]

10th July, 10:22 am

mcsweeny's triumphs again with a transformers theme

9th July, 2:09 pm

wow on the iphone? sort of [via dunstan]

9th July, 1:31 pm

dwarf fortress looks kinda awesome in a nethack way [via js]

9th July, 1:30 pm

dosbox lets you run old dos games on windows, mac, etc. nifty [via js]

6th July, 6:09 pm

this 1979 interview with douglas adams makes good reading [via nj]

6th July, 10:14 am

best google maps mashup ever [via hammond]

6th July, 9:33 am

pb posted ages ago about getting into graphing with rrdtool. a great primer for the stats inclined.

5th July, 4:58 pm

wow, wtf is this about. it's breaking some flickr stuff in saf 3

5th July, 3:52 pm

man vs bees! (hint, man wins) [via scott]

2nd July, 2:18 pm

crocodile vs dog! [via sb]

2nd July, 1:46 pm

a great mcsweenys that rings a little too true in this office [via sb]

2nd July, 9:13 am

an awesome review of the transformers movies (out today): "Imagine, if you will, the divine concept of awesome"

1st July, 10:26 pm

i need a crab tv. someone give me one? this place sells them. hmmm