Posts from August 2005

31st August, 10:11 am

pizza vending machines? my life is complete

30th August, 9:22 pm

best/worst web related cartoon ever. via tom

30th August, 9:09 pm

i've finally updated the tshirt catalogue, including new ones from the excellent option-g

30th August, 11:40 am

on a slightly different note, cats in sinks. CATS IN SINKS. cats. in. sinks. thankyou aaron

30th August, 11:37 am

the dp.SyntaxHighlighter is an inspired piece of javascriptery. it takes simple textareas with certain classes, and truns them into syntax highlighted code listing displays, complete wityh line numbers, tab stops and alternating line colors. beautiful and really easy to use. [via aaron]

29th August, 3:02 pm

tshirt watch: busted tees are pretty awesome

29th August, 11:12 am

foopad is (i'm told) similar to protopage, but with more of a barrier to entry (requires signup). i don't have the time or inclination at the moment to have a poke around, but if it's any good then drop me a message in the forum. also, i'm back from the uk.

19th August, 8:31 pm

aaron found this lovely piece of visualisation - "33,000 words, grouped by meaning. Each word is given the average color of web images found when searching for that term."

18th August, 1:09 pm

protopage is a really fun (and beautiful) ajax page building apps. [via aaron]

18th August, 10:20 am

the trailers for the new ff movie look pretty good. [from the forums]

15th August, 3:45 pm

this swing version of smells like teen spirit is addictive.

15th August, 10:41 am

christ - i know who i'll be voting for ;)

14th August, 8:08 pm

ars technica took apart one of the new mighty mice and had a poke around. interesting stuff. mine's in the mail somewhere.

13th August, 10:12 pm's new team page is great. and so is the site in general. i used to be a subscriber in the early days, but kinda forgot about it. back to subscribing now i have good bandwidth at home and need some new music.

12th August, 8:25 pm

new toys :)

12th August, 11:28 am

brilliant brilliant flash music video via pep. lovely style

12th August, 10:48 am

this is an excellent letter [via mr coates], but it's the poster that particularly catches my eye.

10th August, 11:54 pm

my life has been validated. perhaps i should mock up 'krause on cal' and see how that turns out ;)

10th August, 11:24 am

heather points out a very nice tshirt catalogue

9th August, 5:13 pm

wow, did anyone see this? not only is the design lifted from ours, but the code was copied, line for line. thought theives!

9th August, 3:24 pm

leeeeeroy jenkins!!! what an awesome battlecry [via matts]

9th August, 11:33 am

this guide to embedding google maps in your opwn pages is great. well written and containing everything i wanted to know.

8th August, 8:47 pm

rate my code is awesome - thanks to salti for finding that

5th August, 6:42 pm

i've just gotten my first piece of audioscrobbler spam (i imagine i'm well behind the curve on this one). somebody suggested i listen to avec-a. anyone heard of them?

4th August, 3:27 pm

aaron suggests i read this when i get a chance.