Posts from June 2006

29th June, 10:03 am

build your own version of the prisoner/portmerion with lego

29th June, 10:03 am

looks like google auth is coming real soon

27th June, 2:48 pm

the songbird source is now available - should make creating xulrunner apps much easier.

27th June, 2:20 pm

"Try to move the camera after u focus" - excellent [via kellan]

26th June, 4:35 pm

the beeb describes kottke as being "peppered with annoying links". nice

21st June, 3:13 am

putty is lacking tabs, but wintabber looks promising.

19th June, 4:27 pm

mozilla are talking about some nice changes coming up in JavaScript 1.7 (starting with the next beta of ff2)

13th June, 11:05 am

awesome! via aaron

10th June, 11:16 pm

maybe we should port flickr to emoticon

10th June, 10:58 pm

i remembered this little meal recently: 23 plates of pure joy

5th June, 12:52 pm

this tube map grid morph is pretty cool - now just need to tween to between that and the geo map for some nice dataporn. my zone one efforts are here (ff 1.5 only)