Posts from September 2006

21st September, 12:55 pm

this life is coming back for a one-off ten-years-on episode [via chubb]

17th September, 11:09 am

Marc Orchant calls me a twenty-something first-time-out-of-the-gate stud because of the development model i described. i find it kind of amazing how much he misses the point. "come back and tell me how silly you feel spouting that nonsense in a few years kids". maybe that's not such a bad idea.

15th September, 11:58 pm

im in ur gutter. blockin ur drainage

12th September, 2:55 pm

someone seems angry at tim bray. ruby folks are funny

12th September, 1:44 pm

the xbox 360 laptop is utter genius [via chubb]

11th September, 4:46 pm

i want a lego rubber-band chain-gun. so cool [via chub]

10th September, 11:00 pm

erik benson has actually gone and changed his name - say hello to buster butterfield mcleod!

5th September, 7:14 pm

"i started a blog nobody read" is actually quite catchy [via coates]