Posts from October 2010

28th October, 3:02 pm

i made some graphs explaining where US tax revenues come from

27th October, 6:17 pm

i have made an awesome skin for minecraft. go and vote for it!

26th October, 3:57 pm

tom taylor's thoughts on firesheep pretty much match my own

25th October, 10:43 am

the future/present is all about network realism (helps to have read Zero History first)

15th October, 7:23 pm

the world according to san francisco is pretty accurate

12th October, 8:28 pm

there's hope for the honeybees. go science!

12th October, 4:06 pm

i don't want to, but i really like the windows phone advert

11th October, 11:12 am

an excellent description of the applied CAP theorem and thinking about systems design in terms of yield/harvest