Posts from April 2009

30th April, 3:50 pm

slightly unsettling explanation of nokia vine. i think it's intonation of the voice over towards the end that makes it creepy

30th April, 12:25 am

wikipedia is too addictive. now i know all about ergospheres. better than blogospheres

29th April, 10:44 pm

a day of tweaks today - choose your own adventure had a little overhaul, removing around 5000 bad entries and improving various things to avoid it getting like that again. worth a little play

29th April, 10:42 pm

sharkify got a bit of an update after some prodding by mr schachter. positioning is now more even and clicking on sharks makes more sharks. magic!

29th April, 4:51 pm

aww, poor harrison

29th April, 4:30 pm

praxinoscopes are awesome. be sure to watch the 'making of' video, which explains it all

29th April, 1:07 pm

careful, some books can make you dumb

28th April, 2:44 pm

devertebrated is totally better than stewardesses

27th April, 10:52 pm

did somebody order a server? how did i miss this??

27th April, 5:13 pm

face mining in star trek is pretty cool. computers are pretty awesome, right?

27th April, 2:25 pm

keen to try out bunni, but still unsure how to complete fishing girl. does it involve the bird i caught? hmm

27th April, 11:16 am

sometimes, ruby makes me sad

26th April, 5:51 pm

everything was better in the past. you know, apart from the fact it was shit. i want to poke out their stupid elitist eyes

23rd April, 9:57 pm

i'm not convinced that meat cards are real, but i want them

23rd April, 6:17 pm

omg i love japadog so hard

23rd April, 11:10 am

zipper earphones are a pretty neat idea. especially like the controls in the zip pull

21st April, 9:52 am

is a pocket bacon app worth 2 dollars. err, probably

20th April, 11:00 pm

now these are some freaky shoes. do your toes go in the toes? hmm

18th April, 1:29 pm

web dev gang signs. so easy, so nerdy

15th April, 11:34 pm

a beautiful photo over on kottke. but when did he redesign? best design since the orange juice

15th April, 2:18 pm

"The challenge isn't creating the heat; it's engineering a bacon structure strong enough to withstand the stress of a 5,000°F bacon plasma flame."

15th April, 1:55 pm

it's old, but i've just been reminded of the awesome trailer for mercs 2 (which i never played). so good. more like that please

14th April, 3:51 pm

mittens + sharks = shark mittens = awesome

13th April, 10:00 pm

happy chairs are happy. chairs.

13th April, 9:46 pm

birdhouse is a little bit whatever but the intro video is pretty awesome. serious business

13th April, 6:23 pm

some wonderfully creative my little pony sculptures. love em

13th April, 6:20 pm

is it wrong to want a pencil sharpener that costs $455? of course not! lots of other good stuff at the same store

13th April, 5:38 pm

omg. charts rule so hard

11th April, 8:37 am

while the last line sounds anti-css (sort of?), it turns out pie charts suck

9th April, 2:39 pm

audiotool is an amazing piece of work - reason redone in flash. very very slick. seems to be the work of andre michelle, whose demo work is also excellent

7th April, 10:17 pm

tonematrix is a really fun little toy for making music. best part: it always sounds good

7th April, 7:21 pm

crank 2 looks indescribably awesome. "he'll stop at nothing, get get his heart back". because they literally stole his fucking heart. retardedly awesome

7th April, 4:45 pm

an awesome visualization of ocean depths. there's scary stuff down there

7th April, 2:01 pm

macaroons are my kind of wedding cake

1st April, 10:26 am

a nice little documentary about the tuesday noon siren in san francsico