Posts from April 2008

30th April, 1:23 pm

i wonder whether i could get this job - check out the 'best candidate' requirements [via seth]

30th April, 1:07 pm

color profiles are coming in ff3. the march towards betterness continues

29th April, 3:36 pm

funny, but wtf is a valedictorian anyway? guess i should read the wp

28th April, 4:29 pm

the door close button is a lie. maybe they should make it take longer. hmm

28th April, 12:45 pm

light emitting wallpaper? where can i get some? [via myles]

22nd April, 8:17 am

a useful reference as i forget how to spell completely

21st April, 9:15 am

meatpod. meatpod. meatpod. meatpod. meatpod. meatpod. meatpod. meatpod [via chay]

20th April, 1:54 pm

wow, my book is now in chinese. anyone else seen any other languages?

15th April, 8:06 pm

ok, django mmo is too cool for words

13th April, 10:43 pm

new hobby - finding awesome nmh covers on youtube

11th April, 2:24 pm

the lost screenplays are pretty fucking awesome [via dunstan]

10th April, 10:41 pm

hammond found this beautiful custom-built pirate's cove set. want!

7th April, 2:41 pm

tweetclouds are pretty cool - unsurprising that my biggest word is awesome

5th April, 1:16 pm

winkey looks like a good replacement for whatever it was i used to use for global shortcuts on windows. having a browser bound to windows-key+something makes for milliseconds saved.

5th April, 12:31 am

man, i wish vera would finish return to sender. i've been waiting years to find out what happens

4th April, 7:29 pm

really loving io9 lately - eight inspirations for machines in sci-fi

4th April, 4:47 pm

brett graham is my new hero: brett corp, bringing solutions to people who need them when they need them on the day they needed them, after they've hired me.

4th April, 3:08 pm

adrian's radiohead remix is lovely - much more upbeat than the original. i'd like to hear a remix of last flower

4th April, 3:07 pm

the unicorn knows all. drink from its magical skull

4th April, 12:15 pm

kellan points out this interesting old TPJ article on problems with localization and gettext. the solution isn't really any good, but the problem is real

3rd April, 12:52 pm

omg. i almost wish i were a woman. bacon couture is the way forward

3rd April, 11:59 am

of io9's top 10 unsung sci-fi classics, i've only seen one. i suck

2nd April, 5:02 pm

aromatherapy at mcsweeneys [via chay]

2nd April, 5:01 pm

missing GNE? try crown quest. i'm stuck on level 18

2nd April, 5:01 pm

thank god: homosexual geneticists isolate cause of christianity

2nd April, 1:06 pm

london connections is great - full of lots of great information about the london transit network. anything know of anything equally dorky for san fran?

2nd April, 12:26 pm

ok, i must go here immediately

2nd April, 12:12 pm

the new UK coins look beautiful. the moderization of money is an odd process, but pretty awesome

1st April, 10:33 pm

can't. stop. watching. dramatic. lemur

1st April, 10:29 pm

and i thought our 15 foot lego tower was impressive. i need more bricks

1st April, 8:49 pm

does anybody else feel up to the peep challenge?

1st April, 9:23 am

ceiling cat paper art? yes yes yes