Posts from January 2011

26th January, 12:28 am

the live-action LBP is fucking genius. if something like that ever gets made for glitch, i think we win [via dburka]

24th January, 10:28 am

very very cool lego recreation of the antikythera mechanism. the explanation of using the differential to make a 5/19ths mechanism blew my mind.

18th January, 4:18 pm

the correct way to make breakfast. thanks mr wistow

18th January, 2:14 pm

some excellent notes on drawing expressions

12th January, 1:19 pm

it's true - sci-fi corridors are fascinating

11th January, 11:02 pm

voxotron looks so awesome

6th January, 7:38 pm

good tweets from this week: bonnie tyler's car and a couple arguing

6th January, 7:37 pm

normal in shoreditch is both excellent and funny and beautiful

3rd January, 11:35 pm

very awesome visualization of movie revenues week by week over 2010