Posts from November 2007

30th November, 4:08 pm

i'd never heard of the term pogrom until i was at the de young last weekend. learn something new every day

28th November, 2:52 pm

a new version of the php rfc (2)822 parser is now out, fixing a nasty bug that allowed extra periods almost anywhere in the address. oops

28th November, 1:26 pm

drip for debugging IE memory leaks looks interesting - has anyone played with it?

27th November, 12:06 pm

no country for old men is absolute genius. best movie i've seen in a long long time. i want to be anton chigurh when i grow up

25th November, 10:19 am

i'm already a fan of large lego, but one that walks? oh hell yes

24th November, 1:10 pm

awesome shaped energy-saver light bulbs? yes please [via b3ta]

24th November, 12:30 pm

is it christmas? rss feed also available. see also: is twitter down?

24th November, 12:15 pm

the new slim psp doesn't really seem worth it. i'd like to pick one up though to see the weight change [via grim]

24th November, 11:32 am

spam one-liners as typographic art? found by mr coates

24th November, 11:32 am

what's wrong with homeopathy? guardian ftw [via pb]

24th November, 11:31 am

daft punk with hands? keep watching, it gets better [via pb]

23rd November, 11:32 am

the metapoll is pretty awesome. missing apathy and JESSE though

21st November, 5:15 pm

sounds like the psp got slimmer. anyone played with a new one?

21st November, 11:43 am

leap seconds and the UTC/UT1/TAI differences are fascinating

20th November, 4:46 pm

weewar looks amazing - i wish i'd built it

20th November, 4:22 pm

i'm not sure i'd buy a house in masturbation meadow

20th November, 4:21 pm

this music video by bat for lashes is awesome - make sure you keep watching for the first 30 seconds

20th November, 3:57 pm

the new wow ads featuring mr t and william shattner are awesome. well, the mr t one is. i want a night elf mohawk

20th November, 3:54 pm

the dangers of wow [via bogan]

20th November, 10:29 am

the cloverfield trailer is out. that's going to be awesome

19th November, 11:44 am

did i already link to the web version of elements of typographic style? i should have

18th November, 10:39 am

aha! the too-awful-it's-actually-good series i was thinking about the other day was killer net. yay for bad computer dramas

18th November, 10:26 am

the sadly-departed mr baio found an even better live version of still alive - nice work. the cake makes it sound better. and the song is pretty awesome

16th November, 2:48 pm

myles found a live version of 'still alive'. so awesome

16th November, 2:47 pm

is twitter down? useful

16th November, 9:35 am

some pedant paradise from b3ta

15th November, 4:49 pm

is werewolf killing the conference hackfest? via hammond

15th November, 10:45 am

usually teefly aren't funny, but this is pretty awesome

15th November, 10:12 am

accidentally just read diesel sweeties and there was (fortuitously?) a flickr reference

14th November, 10:28 am

men who look like old lesbians [via the hamster]

13th November, 6:25 pm

jon lajoie is a little bit flight of the conchords - nice [via dathan]

13th November, 2:02 pm

star wars soy sauce? you bet. completely insane [via murphy]

12th November, 1:40 am

i know that linking to lolcats is now against the law or something, but this is too good

11th November, 8:49 am

the context free art language is very neat. did i blog this recently?

10th November, 11:56 am

and this guy seems to have even more. scary

10th November, 11:51 am

shame i missed this auction - that's some serious gaming

9th November, 5:54 am

aside from the final calculation being highly dubious, the perl module dependancy viewer is pretty neat

6th November, 3:41 pm

threadless are now printing with a bunch of different inks and processes. nice! the pdf is full of useful info

6th November, 2:19 pm

shoes is probably old hat, but looks kinda cool

6th November, 8:24 am

ragel, the force powering hpricot, looks interesting

1st November, 1:55 pm

the header on this site makes me hungry