Posts from March 2009

31st March, 7:16 pm

AWS FACE - because the cloud should really be in a cloud. maybe the only amusing thing we'll see on 4/1 this year?

31st March, 11:37 am

the oakland tribune covered san francisco's first baconcamp, including a photo of me judging some bacon-wrapped dates on the front page of the timeout section

30th March, 2:47 pm

i think this time travel rts (demoed at GDC) might actually be too confusing to play. damn

30th March, 11:05 am

the rich data being capture and shared around everything these days is awesome - the earthquake a few minutes ago, available seconds after it happened

29th March, 1:10 pm

who i hate drupal is a nice variation on mu django talk, but one that's more needed - that group has been headed in odd directions in the last few years

27th March, 10:49 pm

omfg, i need a remote control shark. and a public swimming pool

27th March, 2:28 pm

omg, shark in venice might just be the best bit of cinema EVER MADE

26th March, 11:09 pm

omg i love crif dogs so much. i can recommend the spicy redneck. not often i say that

26th March, 2:02 pm

"capcom aren't bad people, they're just idiots"

26th March, 11:37 am

xtrabackup sounds like really good news for people backing up large innodb instances. streaming backups? yes pls

24th March, 5:03 pm

sometimes we can be bad people

24th March, 4:14 pm

a nice piece on the constant redevelopment of sf's market street

24th March, 3:52 pm

noah stokes' new "portfolio" is excellent. i'd hire him

23rd March, 2:59 pm

a couple of patches for my php4 OAuth library - it now correctly url-encodes spaces (that explains the intermittent failure!) and works with E_WARNINGS. now with a test case too :)

22nd March, 10:22 am

the readability bookmarklet seems like a good idea, but i haven't found a site it works on - just ends up only showing the navigation or some other small crap. am i using it wrong?

21st March, 9:32 pm

i haven't played ginormo sword is ages. yay!!

21st March, 9:31 pm

did i write this? i don't think so

21st March, 9:29 pm

book spines as pixel art? kinda cool. but my books are all different sizes

21st March, 7:41 pm

american boy on acoustic guitar is kinda awesome. very mellow

21st March, 12:05 am

aviary is very very well done. the demo videos are pretty well put together. barrier to doing something slick on the web has gone up a lot lately.

21st March, 12:02 am

not sure why i have fluid design in my 'to read' folder. i mean, it's pretty stuff. maybe i know someone who works there? maybe you work there? hmmm?

20th March, 9:28 pm

the movie timeline is a lovely compilation of dates

20th March, 9:20 pm

i'm not sure if the sense of scale measurements are correct, but it looks great

20th March, 3:14 pm

this awesome promo video makes me want to bust out reason right now

19th March, 6:57 pm

i need to get me a juice pack for my iphone. extended battery life and much harder to break than the ones that extend downwards (oops)

19th March, 11:23 am

this is what IE6 deprecation pages should look like. well, maybe.

11th March, 7:45 pm

the new ipod shuffle looks pretty cool - tinyer than ever and now with playlists. the voiceover stuff is barely better than text-to-speech 10 years ago though. i wonder if itunes on your mac generates the speech files, or if the ipod has the software to do it at runtime?

11th March, 2:43 pm

the watchmen screenwriter is urging people to go and see it again. shame

10th March, 11:24 pm

just finished watching dead set back to back. awesome, awesome stuff

9th March, 11:56 pm

and worldwide best selling artists is interesting too (yay tom jones - 100m+ records sold)

9th March, 11:50 pm

it's wikipedia evening! the world list of best selling albums is really interesting. a bunch on there that you wouldn't have suspected. the uk list is a little more embarrassing

3rd March, 4:25 pm

the quirksmode page on wrappable zero-width spacing for the web is interesting. seems like we still need to browser detect, but we can use ­ everywhere but FF2, so it's not a tough detection (=~ /Firefox\/2./). I wonder though, does putting the hyphen within (as in ppk's example) a function name cause ambiguity? maybe zero-width space (with wbr tags for old IEs) is a better generic solution. what are other people using?

3rd March, 1:31 pm

heston blumenthal's new show sounds awesome [via tom]

2nd March, 9:19 pm

has anyone played with stainless as a browser for osx?

2nd March, 4:00 pm

detecting the click track through science. nice

1st March, 11:40 pm

after a weekend of dorking around with bidirectional text on the web, i've put together a short guide to understanding bidirectional text in unicode. comments welcome


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