Posts from July 2006

31st July, 1:47 pm

dathan's mysql blog is full of useful tips for people using mysql on a large scale. a kind of "advanced mysql hacks" book done right.

28th July, 5:24 pm proxy lets you listen to streams in regular audio players - nice

27th July, 9:52 pm

huge hole! [via popbitch]

27th July, 4:15 pm

awsome tshirt sale! [via pep]

27th July, 9:57 am

these wall decorations from the threadless/blik contest are awesome

26th July, 8:22 pm

not wanting to particularly weigh in on the bbc backstage discussion over at pb, it's funny to notice that clicking on the "Data & APIs" link on backstage takes you to, er, a blank page. maybe just for non-uk IPs?

24th July, 4:43 pm

joey posted a good breakdown of my trifle model from last week's toronto workshop

21st July, 2:14 pm

there's a seqel to the murloc rpg now out - need to find some time to play through it :)

8th July, 11:37 pm

fact of the day - pusa played made-up instruments called a basitar and guitbass

7th July, 5:53 pm

ooh - califonia extreme is on saturday and sunday. might head down there with the visiting tom [via baio]

4th July, 1:51 pm

omg omg transformers movir trailer is out. only a year to go!