Posts from October 2009

30th October, 8:01 pm

in the realm of projects that haven't been updated in far too long, i am caltrain now uses the google transit feed to keep the timetables up to date. and i've thrown together a super simple mobile version too.

29th October, 3:57 pm

this cell sizing demo is very nicely put together. i'd like a version that goes up to galaxies and down to atomic nuclei

29th October, 1:41 pm

i wonder what this is selling. if it's macdonalds, it's not working

27th October, 11:30 am

football hero requires a lot of moving about

25th October, 10:10 pm

in my mind, all japanese poeple are just like this

24th October, 9:29 pm

this alternative IE6 warning message is much more to the point

24th October, 9:18 am

a couple of interesting alternatives to phpMyAdmin, both simpler: sqlbuddy looks like a really well done minimalist effort, while phpMiniAdmin like like PMA from 10 years ago.

24th October, 9:15 am

time to kill some dogs. or a lot of hamsters

22nd October, 11:37 pm

more than a year later and the django pony is all over the place

21st October, 7:12 pm

interested in using emoji in your web app? then you should read this guide and then take a look at the code

21st October, 5:12 pm

just ordered some bacon jam. this is going to be great

21st October, 11:30 am

this video demo of open type features in firefox is so hot. so hot

21st October, 12:39 am

nerd merit badges is a cool idea, but they need more. many more

20th October, 10:01 am

my friend chrissie has an article on error messaging up on the vitamin blog. worth a read

19th October, 11:20 pm

i visit this page about once an hour. it really helps

19th October, 10:41 pm

very nerdy-cool - hidden art found on silicon wafers

19th October, 10:34 pm

i really want this LED coffee table. pricey, but maybe worth it

19th October, 8:12 pm

the new 'like' feature in google reader is nice for feed generators - i'm now pulling the data back out of reader and storing it in my weblog cms, so i can highlight which posts people have 'liked'. i'm only showing it for myself right now, but still pretty awesome

16th October, 10:54 pm

i'm a sucker for interesting nmh covers, but she has a bunch of other great covers too

16th October, 10:42 am

linos is a beautiful little portable record player

16th October, 10:29 am

i know i'm dumb, but this is wonderful

15th October, 12:09 pm

this video of a cardboard twin-lens reflex camera being built is beautiful [via dunstan]

14th October, 2:03 pm

brickbattles is a table-top war game in lego. bogan sent this to me forever ago, but just found it again

14th October, 12:57 pm

this visualization of relative costs is quite wonderful

13th October, 9:27 pm

there's a kickstarter project to add some feltron graphic lovin to kickstarter itself. a worthy cause [via kastner]

13th October, 9:23 pm

i've linked it before, but daytum is pretty awesome

13th October, 8:36 pm

lucidity is $10 on steam and is quite lovely

13th October, 8:18 pm

edible media is the big new thing if cheese sculptures are anything to go by

13th October, 3:27 pm

are these fans real? hair doesn;t seem to be moving in the demo video

13th October, 2:14 pm

the fun theory people did some nice work with the piano stairs [via schiller]

13th October, 1:41 pm

i think i need to get a sheet of these to facilitate some smack downs

13th October, 12:15 pm

ignoring the background sound (god yes!), what do you think is more complicated than google wave?

12th October, 5:45 pm

this wifi scale is pretty neat, but a bit pricey at $200

12th October, 1:57 pm

i recently re-read the whole of concerned. definitely worth it

7th October, 12:32 pm

typography nerds are funny

7th October, 10:07 am

this expense receipt generation tool is excellent. very authentic looking

5th October, 10:12 am

plasma engines sound pretty cool. can't wait to go to mars

3rd October, 1:23 pm

i'd not seen the osi 9-layer model tshirt before. shame it's black

2nd October, 12:05 pm

gameswipe is pretty awesome

1st October, 10:44 pm

i am loving pomplamoose so hard at the moment. hope to catch them at a show soon