Posts from July 2011

24th July, 3:55 pm

lovely npr infographic of the nasa space shuttles

15th July, 12:00 pm

cronwtf is pretty awesome [via asc]

14th July, 12:40 am

it doesn't matter if it's 42% faster when it takes less than a tenth of a millisecond. maybe you could save time elsewhere

13th July, 10:07 am

a scientific study of the attrition and displacement of teaspoons

12th July, 5:45 pm

moved my minecraft skin to the skindex since the old archive lost it

8th July, 7:17 pm

some tips for dungeon raid. so fucking addictive

8th July, 2:05 pm

bookmarking for the future: echoprint is a free open-source music fingerprinting system

8th July, 10:06 am

jqapi seems like a much better jQuery reference - thanks arbales

5th July, 11:47 am

nyan cat progress bar renews my faith in windows apis [via asc]

2nd July, 11:31 pm

jessamyn's usesthis interview has some good content in the last section

2nd July, 6:23 pm

vanity fair has a reasonably accurate review of transformers 3. still, better than the 2nd one