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I've just started reading Robin's new book, Ajax Penumbra 1969. It's already shaping up to be as good as his debut, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. Read them both. And don't forget to read his excellent Annabel Scheme, an Internet-age SF-based Sherlock Holmes with quantum computing and bananas.

28th June, 4:33 pm

writing a book on github is pretty cool i guess

18th November, 10:09 pm

bookland is a fictional country used for mapping ISBNs to EANs

13th December, 7:26 pm

the "i can read movies" series of book covers is incredibly well done

30th November, 8:26 pm

the twilight formula explained! nice illustrations

21st November, 6:31 pm

there's not really any excuse for not contributing to nickd's book project on kickstarter

12th November, 10:14 am

wow, this analysis of choose your own adventure books is really really excellent. genius

4th September, 10:30 am

awesome experimental penguin book covers from 1948

12th May, 1:45 pm

matt rosenberg is worried about not being able to judge others so easily in the age of the kindle. i guess i agree

7th May, 11:01 pm

i'd like to build a coil gun. those are some huge capacitors. or maybe a railgun, in the style of big-u. did anyone but me read that?

29th April, 1:07 pm

careful, some books can make you dumb

21st March, 9:29 pm

book spines as pixel art? kinda cool. but my books are all different sizes

20th November, 1:58 pm

the septic's companion (a guide to british words, for americans) has a book out. it's pretty good. buy it for your seppo friends

20th April, 1:54 pm

wow, my book is now in chinese. anyone else seen any other languages?

28th March, 10:58 am

based on the amazon review, this seems like an essential book [via aaron]

17th December, 12:55 am

omg omg omg! japanese!! why did nobody tell me about this!?

28th February, 7:00 pm

random google find - this book review is genius

27th January, 12:35 pm

Building Scalable Web Sites : Building, scaling, and optimizing the next generation of web applications - crumbs

4th November, 10:59 pm

i was reminded of this photo the other day when jones came by the office. utter genius. it does sound like something i'd say

3rd November, 10:28 pm

noting down these two books for later - only really availabale in the UK.

13th June, 11:50 am

those scamps at oreilly are publishing a perl style guide by sir conway - must be required reading.

7th December, 10:24 am

pricenoia seems kinda cool, but without factoring in custom/import tax it's mostly just a pointless exercise, right? but anyway, buy webb's book!

25th November, 6:20 pm

some guy (pun intended) has scanned in the pages from the 1971 and 1979 editions of the 'how it works' computer book from ladybird. i think i have the 1971 edition at home. note the glamourous women in the 1971 edition.

19th October, 9:48 pm

after reading fight club (very good, very short) i read chuck palahniuk's diary. also very good, not quite as short and quite weird.

27th September, 11:21 am

yay! "the system of the world", part three of "the baroque cycle" has arrived. will start reading tonight and put coupland on hold.

19th August, 3:22 pm

joel spolsky has a new book out. oooh

27th July, 1:57 pm

mil pointed out a book with perhaps the best title ever: "The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists"

23rd July, 4:13 am

a two page spread for city creator is in the just-published book websites - 100% loaded. pep also gets another two pages with bunnycorp and the citycreator homepage. excellent stuff.

21st July, 10:23 pm

e pointed out the sex book to me. it's like a beautiful retro-illustrator-fest of vector art porn and nice layouts. well designed books are few and far between. makes me want to buy a tufte book right now.