Posts from June 2007

29th June, 11:48 am

a wooden binary adder? too cool [via hammond]

28th June, 4:10 pm

i need to shave. why did nobody tell me this?

27th June, 10:53 am

a short useit article on using greeking to test usability of layouts. quite a simple technique which may be quite useful [via salt]

26th June, 12:14 pm

piracy is bad. don't copy that floppy. keep watching - it gets worse

22nd June, 12:26 pm

the new sfo site is really quite beautiful, but it also reminds me of one of the design/type portals from the olden days - anyone remember which?

21st June, 4:33 pm

kelsey points out the bacon placemats - "The next logical step is, naturally, bacon textiles"

18th June, 10:52 am

an excellent short film via salty (watch to the end)

10th June, 8:03 pm

"the angels have the phonebox"

7th June, 7:40 pm

if you have an interest in particale physics, the particle adventure is pretty fucking awesome.

4th June, 1:43 pm

more tshirt fun at supermaggie. via heather maybe?

4th June, 1:43 pm

binaural sound is pretty fucking cool

3rd June, 11:02 pm

more for the daily checklist: lolgeeks