Posts from February 2009

28th February, 7:17 pm

i've been going back and forth with dominic sayers for the last couple of weeks on RFC-based email validation. we both have php functions (mine, his) that pass a huge (and esoteric) test suite. who says RFCs are dull? (hint: they are)

28th February, 7:15 pm

my version of the bacon explosion was a success. need more practice smoking things on my bbq

28th February, 7:14 pm

this lego stargate model is awesome. lights up, rotates and the symbols lock in. hot

28th February, 7:13 pm

warehouse looks pretty good, but it requires both ruby on rails (easy-ish to install) and the ruby-svn bindings (which are basically a bitch). why do the harder languages to get up and running on the web (ruby and python) require the bindings while the easier languages (php and perl) just shell out and so work easily? gah. currently using websvn in php which does a reasonable job and is trivial to set up.

27th February, 7:40 pm

a sequel to donnie darko? doesn't look great though

22nd February, 9:03 pm

the history of the UK's 999 service is pretty interesting

18th February, 10:41 am

amnesia looks like a nice simple monitoring tool for memcache. anyone using it? (we have all the same stats in ganglia, so it's not much use here)

12th February, 2:51 pm

nice photo journal of the making of japanese knives. anyone know of a US reseller?

9th February, 11:48 pm

doing things like installing yum on a fresh centos instance remind me how fucking backwards linux still is. of course, those instructions don't quite work - need to install the rpms in the right order, so i had to modify the bash script. die in a hole, linux

8th February, 12:37 am

learning javascript oddities from wikipedia: using !! for normalization and the return from || and &&. nice

7th February, 11:54 am

asylum was ace. and twin world. need. acorn. emulator

7th February, 7:40 am

awww. keepon dancing to another spoon track

6th February, 12:55 pm

a nice generator for the atheist bus ads currently in london (original)

6th February, 7:59 am

forget cornify - sharkify is where it's at

6th February, 3:52 am

a bunch of class changes are upcoming in wow - including no ammo for hunters? huh?

5th February, 2:41 am

bacon burger looks tasty. time to buy a grinder

3rd February, 7:31 am

there's a bacon explosion group on the flickr. wow. my friends made them before i did? dark times

2nd February, 10:04 pm

is it april first already?