Posts from July 2009

31st July, 7:50 pm

i am learning so much

31st July, 3:09 pm

reposstyle is a neat XSL for use with mod_dav_svn take make SVN repos a little less ugly. nice

30th July, 11:59 pm

it's a thursday sciencegasm with this awesome illustration of electromagnetic waves vs the atmosphere

28th July, 5:57 pm

from the 'limited appeal' department - Previewing DocBook books in HTML on Windows

28th July, 4:02 pm

in the category of 'things i bookmarked ages ago and never posted' comes metal heart, a lovely tilt-shift time-lapse of monster trucks

28th July, 3:28 pm

awesome pizza box concept that turns into plates and a small left-overs box. hot

28th July, 3:26 pm

sandwiches as delicious art. mmm

28th July, 2:26 pm

woah, sounds like my book is being translated into korean. awesome

28th July, 2:23 pm

i randomly came across a 2006 review for a text adventure i wrote in late 2003 as a lame inside joke and then someone using it as evidence that text adventures suck. oops

28th July, 9:20 am

the google office in zurich looks like the height of bubble madness. i'd work there

27th July, 10:05 pm

the algalon encounter looks really awesome. very well designed.

27th July, 1:58 pm

this interactive music video is wonderful. takes a while to load, and isn't obvious what's going on (percentage at the center bottom on light type)

24th July, 9:37 pm

i'm not sure i understand the dresden codak show. i mean, i love the comic, so who knows

24th July, 5:38 pm

looking into self-monitoring and statistical tracking, gowear fit has been around a while, and fitbit is still yet to launch. are people using any others?

24th July, 5:33 pm

sterographic videos are awesome - this one of the ferry building in SF is wonderful

24th July, 11:46 am

adobe recommends against visiting untrusted sites until the flash bug is fixed. oh, like the whole web. great

21st July, 10:30 pm

the continue time clock is beautiful, though i'm not sure i'd be able to actually figure out the time. pretty though

21st July, 6:04 pm

ok, so the future is here already. i need an iphone 3gs

21st July, 2:23 pm

skateboard videos are cool

21st July, 2:23 pm

when this link appeared in my feed reader, i assumed it was from failblog. go hurley!

21st July, 1:22 pm

this is why dating zooey deschanel would actually be a bad thing

20th July, 9:38 am

i would subscribe to vague scientist

17th July, 4:30 pm

stop motion lego arcade is awesome

12th July, 5:49 pm

i have a new favorite snoop dogg cover

10th July, 3:38 pm

aside from the subtractive issue, this pen looks cool. probably not very useful though

9th July, 10:24 am

god, i really want to read more of this book

8th July, 11:03 pm

this dessert looks pretty tasty. mmm, cotton candy

7th July, 11:57 am

the world is imploding - tweetcraft auto-tweeting seems awful

7th July, 11:27 am

2012 is the movie all future catastrophes will be compared to [via ernie, via anil]

7th July, 11:19 am

adding clothmoth to my list of nice t-shirt sites

7th July, 11:18 am

after mr coates pointed them out to me, i'm a bit obsessed with secret yets. post any more you can think of in the forum

7th July, 11:18 am

a good guide to talking to book publishers - "get your coat, love, you've pulled"

7th July, 11:02 am

the transformers 2 faq is pretty much the best movie guide i've seen

2nd July, 10:51 am

this infographic-style resume is wonderful. hire this human

2nd July, 10:16 am

this nyc subway ridership map is very very nice. great presentation