Posts from December 2007

15th December, 11:02 am

omg. bacon cookies look awesome. thanks to fraser for finding that gem

14th December, 12:46 pm

pantone mugs are awesome but don't ship outside the uk :(

13th December, 3:53 pm

the XPCOM string guide means i don't have to keep asking richard whether i should be using an nsAString or nsACString. nice

12th December, 1:41 pm

command-shift-3 is pretty nice. kitten war for web design [via]

12th December, 9:14 am

dunstan recommends this floor pump. hmm

12th December, 9:13 am

dependency walker is a lovely little tool for checking dll/exe imports and exports. via rc

11th December, 8:51 am

figure prints are out (and look awesome) but production is highly limited. bah!

10th December, 7:38 pm

i need a new snowboard. but my bindings wont fit it. new bindings too? hmm

4th December, 12:23 pm

omg. homemade bacon. omg

2nd December, 3:28 pm

lot's of good potential christmas gifts here