Posts from October 2008

30th October, 3:10 pm

a bacon lampshade would probably start to smell at some point (more excellent stuff on the tumblelog too) [via rr]

29th October, 5:04 pm

the phone of truth is deceptive!

29th October, 3:02 pm

the sysinternals page at microsoft is full of useful utilities for various windows things

29th October, 3:01 pm

JkDefragGUI is a nice front-end to an awesome defragging app for windows. much much better than the built in defragger

29th October, 2:50 pm

"it smells like fat". mmm, bacon vodka sounds great [via dp]

29th October, 11:32 am

in scaling big websites, you can't rely on technologies like SQL. hehehe.

29th October, 10:31 am

diskview is a neat windows app that visualizes folder usage. helped me find the 8GB of useless test video files hanging around

28th October, 11:18 pm

myfirsttweet is kinda cool, but beware. it tweets you when you search for yourself. spamtastic

28th October, 11:15 pm

css tables are pretty awesome. i like the future

27th October, 10:08 pm

a gem from passive-aggressive notes

27th October, 10:04 pm

@kastner pointed me to this mp3 sample from the dynamics groups i linked to a couple of days ago. freaky

27th October, 4:55 pm

backslash as the namespace separator in php 5? that's actually retarded. err, hey guys, we use that one for escaping characters in strings. i understand the issue, but there are lots of other symbols. like a single colon. or anything really. gah!

27th October, 3:42 pm

i kinda want to buy this pack of 1000 dice from amazon. the review is priceless: "They roll really well and are guaranteed to produce a purely random roll every time.Good luck trying to get them to all roll a 6 at the same time though"

27th October, 3:39 pm

Portraits in Dice

27th October, 2:09 pm

typeface.js is crazy awesome - convert a typeface to a series of JSON vectors, then render text using a canvas element for each word, with paths for the characters. evil but wonderful

27th October, 12:31 pm

fennec looks pretty cool. is there an emulator i can try it on?

27th October, 11:35 am

i know it's only a tech demo, but the unfinished swan looks like a lot of fun

26th October, 7:11 pm

this is truly bizarre. they have other songs too

26th October, 6:57 pm

julia nunes' new album ("i wrote these") is super fucking awesome. buy it

22nd October, 4:49 pm


22nd October, 11:09 am

"Looks good. We have taken a picture of everything"

21st October, 10:20 pm is awesome - great work!

21st October, 10:02 pm

the downside to reading bash is that i feel the need to link to every funny post. gah

21st October, 9:27 pm

family scrabble always turns out that way

21st October, 9:03 pm

registered to vote in california? then vote no on prop 8 to protect gay marriage

21st October, 3:24 pm

virtual bacon? not as good as physical bacon, for sure [via rr]

21st October, 12:40 pm

more on bacon watch: i wish i liked peanut butter. looks tasty

21st October, 12:35 pm

is bacon jumping the shark? maybe [via rr]

21st October, 12:32 pm

hi-res photos of bacon for desktop wallpaper [via rr]

21st October, 10:54 am

am i flirting is a useful guide

20th October, 2:35 pm

lns is an awesome little script that avoids the need to remember the argument order to ln. i need this [via nk]

17th October, 6:58 pm

i'm pretty awesome

15th October, 2:20 pm

wristcutters looks pretty awesome [via db]

14th October, 5:06 pm

forget the new 5D - i'd prefer an S2

13th October, 6:04 pm

miracle berry tablets seem pretty awesome. i need to get some :)

12th October, 1:34 pm

bash is finally back online. also, i want that ta

11th October, 3:25 pm

printable lights seem pretty cool. want

11th October, 2:33 pm

you fell asleep watching a dvd. so familiar

10th October, 11:56 am

tron versus unprotected memory. kinda awesome

9th October, 4:31 pm

the unicorns are awesome. like to "i was born a unicorn". now [via rr]

9th October, 4:22 pm

"People say Valleywag will stab you in the back. That's a lie. Valleywag will only stab you in the face."

9th October, 12:15 pm

today is the greatest day in the history of the internet

9th October, 9:34 am

the us debt has surpassed the digits on the debt clock. good going america!

9th October, 9:34 am

mr hicks is going to do design for opera. should be interesting

8th October, 7:41 pm

dead celebrities in type? that's kinda awesome [via lealea]

8th October, 4:28 pm

cat festival! oh wait, cat eating festival.

8th October, 1:37 pm

robots and monsters is a nice idea and they look pretty cute [via rr]

8th October, 1:35 pm

the moo mosaic frame is pretty awesome. looks great

8th October, 1:00 pm

transformers meets pork in logo goodness? is a match made in bacony heaven

8th October, 11:18 am

my dino really rocks, he's totally tricera-tops! [via myles]

8th October, 11:15 am

lego album covers are pretty awesome

8th October, 10:30 am

how do you steal a large new video camera and nobody notices? that's talent. presumably he was working on screening checked luggage

8th October, 10:14 am

these livingstones are pretty awesome - i'd especially lie the sofa-sized one. but i suspect they're extremely expensive.

7th October, 5:46 pm

i want a laptop with a popup mouse. how awesome!?!?

7th October, 4:14 pm

uncov is coming back

7th October, 4:12 pm

You are going to be working with an enzyme that bonds protein. You are made of protein.

7th October, 12:39 pm

omfg - tilt shifted video is so freaking awesome. tiny fake people! [via mr burka]

7th October, 12:11 pm

a hamburger with grilled cheese as the bread? i need this

3rd October, 6:43 pm

an explanation of the lyrics behind brimful of asha. i'd always assumed it was random made up words. oops [via leah]

3rd October, 5:40 pm

hug a developer today

3rd October, 4:02 pm

a bacon bracelet? excellent attire [via ross]

3rd October, 1:44 pm

ok, i'm totally in love with erin mckean. a great presenter on an interesting topic

1st October, 5:20 pm

"is your sissy gland making your eyeballs lactate?"

1st October, 5:17 pm

Helvetica Revival Monopoly

1st October, 12:31 pm

cuddle parties are the new black

1st October, 12:29 pm

the food pyramid has more sides