Posts from September 2004

28th September, 12:09 pm

jeff r of wigu fame pointed out the beautifully drawn "a lesson is learned but the damage is irreversible". i might make it a regular read.

27th September, 11:07 pm

eric's daughter phoebe is a genius

27th September, 7:10 pm

sim torture looks like fun.

27th September, 4:03 pm

some irrefutable (maybe) proof that god hates bush.

27th September, 11:21 am

yay! "the system of the world", part three of "the baroque cycle" has arrived. will start reading tonight and put coupland on hold.

27th September, 11:19 am

i need to get a wood clock. i wonder what the viewable angle is like.

27th September, 9:56 am

sean o'rourke points out a nice way to get a perl shell. now why isn't there a Perl::Shell module to do the same thing without all the line noise? a CPAN-esque "perl -MPerl -e shell" would be nice.

24th September, 5:21 pm

craig got laid off today. we're shifting the company focus to 100% on our main product, which is a good thing.

24th September, 12:37 pm

the god faq is an un-subtle work of genius

24th September, 10:17 am

a french compsci teacher is using parrot on their vm course.

23rd September, 10:47 am

breaking up woth someone using powerpoint is a stroke of fucking genius.

22nd September, 3:49 pm

george found these excellent ebola plushies. top marks!

22nd September, 10:22 am

mike pointed out this excellent page of neistat brothers movies.

22nd September, 9:51 am

bookmarking for later: making custard from scratch

21st September, 9:44 pm

gah. shortly after getting the altec lansing speakers for my ipod, bose bring out a much sexier set for a similar price.

21st September, 11:59 am

a fancy flash version of the hhgttg text adventure. nice.

21st September, 9:59 am

boris johnson has a blog. he's probably the only tory i like.

20th September, 9:19 pm

paparazzi is a nice logical extension of hammond's webkit2png (which i could never get working). i should really get it together and try some cocoa objective-c apps.

20th September, 6:13 pm

a vaguely interesting perl5 oo syntax filter module (though no standard build/install process, which sucks ass). i prefer luke's Class::Closure.

20th September, 2:38 pm

this little game is a lot of fun. striatic took about 75 rolls to get it. i got it straight away. what about you?

20th September, 9:44 am

oooh - getting a valve tourament license is free. now that's a sensible approach.

19th September, 6:28 pm

mac's auto-eject is great, unless you're in space.

16th September, 3:52 pm

"sympathetris. tetris! but. it has sympathy. so you get to choose what comes next". jc rules

15th September, 10:25 pm

listening to lee and herring from years ago i came across the dream warriors - wash your face in my sink. i was trying to remember what this song was called a few weeks ago. pretty awesome.

15th September, 9:52 pm

tortoise merge (part of the tortoise svn distribution) is a really good gui merger.

15th September, 9:03 pm

gah. too much work, not enough time to surf. need to remember to pay my hydro bill. doing some work for drew from tfd. more on that soon after i finish up with the client from hell.

15th September, 12:25 am

a new version of perl6 synopsis 5 (regexps) is out. must read it.

15th September, 12:01 am

OS-tan might be the coolest/oddest thing i've seen in a while. a manga/os-wars crossover. wikipedia knows all.

14th September, 3:26 pm

i didnt realise that mjd's perl newbie rants were a segment of yapc 2002 the movie

14th September, 3:10 pm

via b4ta, a nice anti-mac video. reminds for of the mjd perl newbie video.

14th September, 11:24 am

wigu fan art in the form of a tDR parody. oooh - i wonder if tDR have new shirts out.

13th September, 5:24 pm

at least someone took my comments about PEAR's failing to heart.

9th September, 5:52 pm

acen of 1992 "trip to the moon" fame has all his stuff online. great stuff

9th September, 5:14 pm

this random text generator makes an awesome pop-culture alternative to using lorem ipsum.

9th September, 10:05 am

scary goings on in th p6i world - jospeh ryan explains how to inline prolog in perl 6 using macros and the cross-language eval statement.

8th September, 11:44 am

john vanderslice (ex of mk ultra) has a bunch of mp3s available to download on his site. as in whole albums. must download later when i get time.

8th September, 10:46 am

very useful - a list of which c functions are required in each standard (c89, c99, posix, etc).

7th September, 2:08 pm

playpumps are a really good invention. harnessing power that otherwise goes to waste is a good idea

6th September, 11:40 pm

PAR looks really good. it's a JAR-like packaging system for perl apps. must investigate tomorrow.

6th September, 8:45 pm

"When Linux was first ported to the Furby platform, it suffered from significant stability and performance problems, which gave the Furby an unfortunate reputation as being unsuitable for enterprise-level computing". well spotted by saltation.

6th September, 7:55 pm

oooh. yoz has released a cool hack for delicious - tag auto-completion.

2nd September, 7:55 pm

do north americans not play conkers? crazy fools

2nd September, 5:51 pm

i'm talking at the vancouver php users group meeting next week. why not come along and hear me talk crap.

2nd September, 4:12 pm

the geography olympics are pretty fun. got 50% the first time and 90% the second.

1st September, 5:02 pm

a new perl module: XML::Parser::Lite::Tree::XPath . my first foray into xpath backends. docs are here. should reach cpan later today.

1st September, 10:44 am

bytemark have started offering dedicated servers. not too expernsive (though hardly the cheapest) and they're terribly nice people.


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