Posts from May 2011

27th May, 1:26 pm

damn, someone has figured out my secret

26th May, 3:41 pm

i love this video of a guy asking random NYC pedestrians what they're listening to

24th May, 6:46 pm

they could have merged faster with git. oh, wait

22nd May, 7:43 pm

my version of san francisco is in some pretty specific neighborhoods

21st May, 12:39 pm

how ink is made - really fascinating [via schiller]

21st May, 12:39 pm

world time buddy is an excellent timezone tool [via swillison]

20th May, 9:23 am

i think it's the post on dailyjs that's throwing a lot of followers at service.js. nice

18th May, 5:07 pm

yup, i want to be tyler brûlé when i grow up

17th May, 11:12 pm

i need these so bad. i must make some

11th May, 10:50 am

i wonder if black mesa source will ever get released. that'd be nice

11th May, 10:44 am

having recently re-played half-life 2 (in the wake of the portal 2 release), i've been re-reading concerned, an excellent hl2 parody comic

10th May, 1:39 pm

fib(40) in 90 seconds is not very sensible, it's true

9th May, 5:02 pm

math for programmers makes a lot of good points. i just need a way to track my wikipedia usage and claim it as 'studying'

3rd May, 5:13 pm

loving spotify more and more as their catalog grows, but i always forget you can link to stuff within it. recently listening to adele, underworld and bearsuit

2nd May, 11:38 pm

not only do some crabs have blood that is blue, it's worth $15k per quart. crab blood!

2nd May, 11:25 pm

it would be wrong to get an ipad just for the portal 2 making-of app, right? right?