Posts from December 2004

25th December, 7:19 am

happy christmas

25th December, 7:18 am

su points out the meaning of personals acronyms.

17th December, 5:42 pm

aaron recommends the emacs wiki, but who really wants to learn emacs?

17th December, 4:12 pm

an excellent guide to assembling ikea desks [via (void)]

16th December, 11:51 am

it's a DISASTER. our coffee shop is CLOSING. it's a sad day :(

15th December, 9:11 pm

the microbe plushies at thinkgeek rock very hard. maybe i need a set for my desk.

14th December, 9:54 pm

e points out this excellent little musical.

13th December, 9:42 am

wigu is finishing at the end of the year. words cannot describe how sad i am :(

10th December, 10:45 am

bash of the day: "puff da magic hard drive lived near drive B: sorta near the power sply in a tower owned by me". err, yes, i'm reading bash alot again :)

8th December, 6:53 pm

bash of the week: "I think shes finally lost it...she sitting in the corner going beep beep and pretending shes a computer in the hope I will pay attention to her...."

7th December, 10:47 pm

mcsweeny's tackles the pirate interview very well (form 2000). mcsweeny's rocks so hard.

7th December, 10:42 pm

the world needs more britney rock covers. yay for localh.

7th December, 6:58 pm

savant seems like a good idea, but basically just sucks. php is too syntax heavy for templating. a six character sequence to open a tag? ffs

7th December, 5:29 pm

canada is so friendly. i love this site.

7th December, 5:22 pm

tom points to a wonderful study of cartoon characters' skeletal systems. including the power puff girls (yay!)

7th December, 10:24 am

pricenoia seems kinda cool, but without factoring in custom/import tax it's mostly just a pointless exercise, right? but anyway, buy webb's book!

7th December, 10:17 am

merriam-webster announces the top ten words of the year. number 1 is blog, ffs. 7. peloton : noun (1951) : the main body of riders in a bicycle race.

4th December, 12:32 am

word of the day is unkempt: not combed; disheveled; as, an urchin with unkempt hair.

3rd December, 12:16 am

Any Way the Wind Blows is awesome. very odd.

1st December, 11:08 pm

tinyapps is a great repository of floppy-portable applications.

1st December, 2:49 pm

dlint is really really useful for tracking down dns bugs.

1st December, 2:49 pm

matts points out this nice christmas card. let's hope you all get it ;)

1st December, 9:23 am

an almost-complete english translation of the french ocaml book is available for free online.