Posts from August 2010

31st August, 6:11 pm

chess just isn't as good as wc2

28th August, 12:32 am

the best part about this article on perceived egg quality is all the egg-cellent egg puns

27th August, 1:58 pm

noting down for later - when building memcache from source, make sure libevent is correctly registered with ld - its installer does not do this.

27th August, 11:18 am

git submodules are like svn externals, but with the added benefit of being almost impossible to remove

23rd August, 12:08 am

wrote a little library to compress JS & CSS into PNGs today and wrote about the results

21st August, 7:09 pm

part of me wants to see kings of pastry, but i suspect the failures will be pretty painful to watch

19th August, 10:52 pm

not sure if 'contact juggling' is really what it's called, but this video is very impressive

19th August, 2:15 pm

thanks to kastner for pointing me to this thread from 6 years ago. guess what retarded commenters? i was right all along. see also: everything written on large distributed databases since then.

16th August, 9:30 pm

noting these down for later reference - two excellent answers on quora from adam d'angelo on why quora uses mysql instead of postgres or a nosql solution. he says everything i've been saying for the last few years, but more eloquently

16th August, 12:59 pm

excellent idea - a blog of things to watch on netflix streaming

14th August, 6:25 pm

this is a pretty plausible theory of lost. explains some confusing elements from the final season

5th August, 2:09 pm

if you've seen the trailer for the facebook movie, this will make a lot more sense: the youtube version

3rd August, 5:38 pm

ikea heights is great. how did i not think of this? sul should have, at least

1st August, 11:24 pm

these animated subway tiles are lovely. will be seeking those out next time i'm in NYC