Posts from December 2009

30th December, 1:19 pm

@schill pointed to this great article on detecting photoshop manipulations in JPEGs

29th December, 12:52 pm

this iphone game looks cute, and maybe even colorblind compatible. giving it a try...

27th December, 3:47 pm

an excellent interview/article with jeff kaplan from the wow team on game design stuff

23rd December, 10:55 pm

this imac coffee machine would make a good nerd present

23rd December, 10:53 pm

magnetic fields song in comic form. awesome

22nd December, 11:07 am

the physics of spaces battles is an excellent read

16th December, 11:57 pm

i've linked to it before, but this dresden codak story is excellent. i highly recommend the book if you can find a copy

15th December, 4:51 pm

this way for bacon and toast. i'd like to see a whole book of these

15th December, 4:41 pm


15th December, 12:06 am

best video i've seen all month - guy in a chicken suit playing "what is love" on bass and pianica

14th December, 11:33 pm

new jersey is the new switzerland

14th December, 6:04 pm

wow. pacman has a maximum high score and it's been reached. that kinda makes me sad

13th December, 8:02 pm

and here's the one i was looking for - mental wealth

13th December, 8:01 pm

looking for an old playstation ad i found this one. i've had the little snippet "and conquered worlds" stuck in my brain for over 10 years now

13th December, 7:26 pm

the "i can read movies" series of book covers is incredibly well done

13th December, 7:21 pm

a 19 year old in london was literally killed by too much bass. that sounds like crazy talk

13th December, 7:19 pm

these torn lights looks very very cool. would probably make for some pretty odd light distribution though

13th December, 7:18 pm

oh god, this is great. but what's the music playing in the background?

13th December, 7:10 pm

i don't know why i don't yet own this bed. it would fit perfectly in my apartment

13th December, 7:03 pm

wiki vandalism is a real problem

13th December, 5:48 pm

wow! the first iamcal baby has been born. huge congrats to che and redmaiden

9th December, 12:28 pm

this music video from metal on metal is mesmerizing [via becca]

8th December, 8:42 am

seasons 1-5 of lost are super cheap right now. you know you want to

7th December, 4:04 pm

alie & georgia are back with another cocktail - this time with bacon and grilled cheese. the ham daiquiri is worth a look too

7th December, 4:00 pm

this star trek voiceover is a little bizarre

7th December, 3:59 pm

unicorn vs. narwhal

5th December, 9:50 pm

excellent amazon review of some milk [via bain]

5th December, 6:30 pm

shame that save the murlocs is a blizzard thing and not fan-generated, but it's still nice

3rd December, 4:36 pm

these photos are great. any russian speakers know where they came from? [via sal] update: it has english text below the first few photos

3rd December, 1:02 pm

this interactive neighborhood map of nyc is very very well done

2nd December, 10:49 pm

my first world of warcraft addon is available on curse. go grab it now

2nd December, 3:03 pm

brb, need to go to singapore

2nd December, 2:50 pm

canada abandons kyoto greenhouse gasses target. that's not good

1st December, 4:21 pm

loving this lady gaga/typograhpy mash up. yes, you read that right

1st December, 12:13 am

i have an author page on amazon. i am wearing a stegosaurus shirt. i win