Posts from February 2008

28th February, 8:56 pm

halo 3 laser quest? that is seriously awesome [via jess i think]

28th February, 11:45 am

maybe killing people in wow is a bad idea. silly americans

28th February, 9:36 am

blik are making more awesome wall decals. i'm jusr running out of walls

28th February, 9:34 am

joel's new cake song features some of my cake photos. oh, and it's awesome

27th February, 11:53 am

topoware is nerd-awesome

26th February, 6:41 pm

i wish we had science fairs in the uk

25th February, 6:50 pm

this collection of old wow maps are great. especially liking the way it might all fit together in a few expansions' time

25th February, 4:06 pm

portal turret origami. anyone else tried making them? [via myles]

25th February, 1:11 pm

beautiful visualization of box-office revenues over time. in the style of those wave graphs from a while ago [via hammond]

24th February, 5:09 pm

as with all iphone hacking, mobile scrobbler took about an hour to install, but it's very very slick

21st February, 4:51 pm

the most insane part of this tshirt is that it has zooomr, but not the large photo sites...

21st February, 4:48 pm

sendamessage seems awesome - anyone tried it?

21st February, 4:47 pm

hello kitty contact lenses? yes!

21st February, 4:25 pm

creepiest soaps ever. not that there are many entries in that category

21st February, 8:18 am

the steve sleeve looks like a nice alternative to the air mail (though neither are shipping yet)

20th February, 1:49 pm

on the performance of solid state disks. via kellan

20th February, 1:30 pm

ok, seriously, wtf microsoft?

20th February, 1:29 pm

iamcaltrain was in sfgate - thanks myles

19th February, 8:20 pm

after the death of my work laptop and facing a multi-day restore process, synctoy looks like a very nice personal backup tool. i'm using it to sync my root disk onto a usb drive, then sync that usb drive onto a second. if only id' done that a week ago...

19th February, 3:51 pm

on lowercase-ness. bah. i often take the time to re-edit and remove caps, while always capitalizing proper nouns. dork, i know

19th February, 2:57 pm

my milkshake bringeth all ye gentlefolk to the yard

19th February, 11:49 am

the video seems to be down, but cameron linked a great lecture on how to lecture by patrick winston from MIT. lots of good tips in there

18th February, 1:22 pm

a boardgame that takes 16+ hours to play? that's AWESOME. i want world in flames so bad

18th February, 1:20 pm

the katamari site is as wonderful as the game - not sure why i'd never seen it before

18th February, 1:12 pm

got an apple tv? then visual hub is what you want for converting torrented programmes. fast and simple

18th February, 1:07 pm

can has screenshots on osx? loving how the new wireless keyboard says 'command' on the apple key, unlike the old wired one. and the macbook air does too. go apple

18th February, 1:03 pm

when did i can has become the trendy tinyurl?

18th February, 1:02 pm

stuff white people like. hmm

17th February, 10:07 pm

i meant to link to this forever ago - why we need standards in html email. good stuff

14th February, 6:50 pm

did i blog the unicode poster stuff already? i hope so

14th February, 6:27 pm

webb predicts the current future in the now past with the same old subroutine

14th February, 6:26 pm

walter rumsby is tracking mentions of twitter, flickr, iphones and lolcats in webstock talks - fascinating

8th February, 3:56 pm

lego mario is awesome [via shanan]

5th February, 12:50 pm

one of the giant l lenses is for a sale - a bargin at $99k