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31st March, 7:46 pm

rev dan catt has written up a nice piece on image processing for backgrounds. a really nice effect

29th March, 4:14 pm

the process behind stamen's beautiful watercolor map tiles

29th March, 2:41 pm

the macpaint and quickdraw source is available on the computer history museum site

29th March, 11:16 am

PNGs are complex beasts, but this article covers pretty much everything you need to know

Imma let you finish...

Most spec builds include some form of spell interrupt and knowing what your group has to offer is important. Some of these abilities require specific specs, but most sensible builds include them. Not including stuns/cc’s, which can interrupt (if the target isn’t immune), here are your choices:

That’s all I can find, but I suspect it’s not exhaustive. The only classes without an interrupt are healing priests, paladins & druids, and BM/SV hunters. What have I missed?

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26th March, 11:01 am

dan catt is a goddamn genius

24th March, 2:15 pm

i love the idea behind sci-fi airshow. maybe in the future it'll be a real thing.

My raven mount took me over 100 runs...

My raven mount took me over 100 runs to get. Armory puts me at only 124 Talon King Ikiss kills, but the counting didn’t start until patch 3.0.2 and I used to skip killing Ikiss after the mount failed to drop (don’t do this - there’s gold to be made!). I’m still working on getting my Blue Proto-Drake from Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle. Today marks the 100th consecutive day of a kill with no mount dropping. I’m a little unlucky. But soon! Then I can never go back again.

What drops have taken you the longest?

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21st March, 11:40 pm

these maps of sf, adjusted for sea levels rising, are very very awesome. luckily i live upstairs, just off the coast of point hayes

I finally got Thunderfury on my...

I finally got Thunderfury on my hunter, only 384 raid-lockouts after it was introduced (in patch 1.1.0, 7 November 2004). After countless groups and solo runs, the bindings finally dropped only 3 weeks apart. After that, a few solid hours of mining for Arcane Crystals in Silithus and I was ready to kill Thunderaan. A pretty boring fight at 85, but he still looked pretty epic. With my Hydraxian Waterlords rep at 999/999 and my Tier 1 set still in thebank from Vanilla, I don’t have any reason to ever go back again. Yay?

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18th March, 6:07 pm

i just finished up my latest wow-related project - insanity tracker. check out how many people have earned 'The Insane', and some stats about it.

I’ve just finished my latest...

I’ve just finished my latest WoW-related project - Insanity Tracker. It tracks players who earn the Insane in the Membrane achievement and shows some aggregated stats. I’ve been wanting to do this since I first started working on the achievement myself in early 2010. You can find my profile here.

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Based on the number of equipable...

Based on the number of equipable legendaries per class, it seems like Blizzard hates hunters the most. But as Danji points out, there has never been a legendary that gives any benefit to feral druids.

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13th March, 9:35 pm

a very detailed explanation of the inside of a 737 cockpit. so many buttons!