Posts from November 2009

30th November, 8:26 pm

the twilight formula explained! nice illustrations

30th November, 12:10 pm

this plug comparison is a nice idea, badly executed. uk plugs should not win

30th November, 12:09 pm

i think this is a genuinely terrible idea. though the real one is hardly 'tech'

25th November, 11:29 pm

this sleeping bag needs to be mine

24th November, 1:22 pm

i'm with kenny - boobs are pretty funny

23rd November, 7:48 pm

some excellent data visualization on the afgan war

23rd November, 7:24 pm

omg, these people are terrifying. i just hope there aren't enough of them

21st November, 6:43 pm

these photos of the LHC are awesome - i had a chance to tour it a few years back and it's amazing in person too

21st November, 6:31 pm

there's not really any excuse for not contributing to nickd's book project on kickstarter

20th November, 4:43 pm

brooke was interviewed by new scientist. kinda awesome

18th November, 6:54 pm

i need a cat right now, co that i can dress it up in this. anyone i know have a spare white cat?

18th November, 12:29 pm

oooh, i want to visit the fusion reactor

17th November, 11:37 pm

McCann Erickson are cashing in on being, well, a sausage factory

17th November, 11:17 pm

schiller pointed to a very detailed profiler for IE6+ that can trace execution between javascript and native code and profile it. very data rich

17th November, 11:07 pm

i'm generally skeptical of new things, but fire php seems pretty nice. stuffing that in headers is a lovely way to debug json ajax responses

17th November, 10:53 pm

this is kind of amazing - playboy in braille. i need this

16th November, 11:31 pm

collaborative writing is the devil's work

16th November, 4:03 pm

i don't know about you guys, but i'm going to start wearing the ribbon

16th November, 2:03 pm

my C is weak, but this presentation on compiler optimizations is a great read

13th November, 11:44 am

can anybody lend me $150m? i'd like to get a new boat

13th November, 11:23 am

this timelapse video from gta 4 shows some of the astounding level of detail that goes into modern games. wow

13th November, 1:14 am

i want this clock so bad right now. please start selling them

12th November, 10:14 am

wow, this analysis of choose your own adventure books is really really excellent. genius

10th November, 11:36 am

when editors attack. i aspire to be that awesome

7th November, 2:16 pm

i find it hard to believe that the open office mouse is for real. seriously?

7th November, 2:15 pm

an excellent review/explanation of the new coen brothers movie, a serious man

7th November, 2:13 pm

what's the point in calendars?

6th November, 3:31 pm

the world would be a better place with just a little more high fiving

4th November, 5:01 pm

this investigation into lego nomenclature is excellent. remember having similar issues building something with a friend when young. you know, a "light frame"!

4th November, 4:53 pm

the 2009 grant-pattishall award was announced today - congrats kellan!

3rd November, 7:00 pm

ooh, this looks fun. where can i drive one?

2nd November, 10:59 am

a nice gizmodo piece on different power plug types around the world. we are screwed and can't be unscrewed

1st November, 8:11 pm

pokemon + milkshake + bash = ultimate win

1st November, 7:05 pm

i don't think i've seen milky way spread in california, but is appears to be sold in some states. how about yours? i'd love some right about now. mmmm