Posts from November 2010

30th November, 2:44 pm

yup, the universe it pretty big. and the planck length is pretty small

29th November, 10:53 pm

fuck yeah kukubee

29th November, 4:01 pm

best new tumblelog of the day - kim jong il looking at things

26th November, 3:15 pm

redbot is my new favorite tool for checking cache settings

24th November, 7:34 pm

browserling seems like a good idea, but i don't understand what it's actually doing. and it's dog slow

24th November, 7:30 pm

new favorite joke. hah

23rd November, 11:00 am

pixel fonts may be small, but atomic fonts are smaller. next up, quantum-entangled fonts

22nd November, 4:13 pm

an excellent visualization interface for samples used in the new girltalk album

22nd November, 11:17 am

anne hathaway's impression of katie holmes is genius

18th November, 10:09 pm

bookland is a fictional country used for mapping ISBNs to EANs

16th November, 11:39 am

could israelification be the answer to north america's air security?

16th November, 10:17 am

Stegosaurus is the best dinosaur

15th November, 10:36 pm

be sure to grab the new girltalk album while it's free

12th November, 5:10 pm

the ark hotel construction timelapse is amazing

8th November, 6:08 pm

the various cuts of the koopa. tasty!

8th November, 1:28 pm

text captchas make a lot of sense - i've been using similar spam prevention questions for some time and it's much easier for humans than the word art monstrosities

8th November, 10:51 am

node-canvas looks excellent. single digit milliseconds to render images and push them out. sounds like it could be the new standard for server generated images. [via kastner]

7th November, 11:09 pm

it's tfl week in my brain - the new bus designs are kind of awesome. i wonder what london will think of them if they happen

7th November, 8:42 pm

i've been listening to this on a loop. not the best nature boy cover, but very catchy

7th November, 1:59 pm

using angled cups to drink coffee in space. go science!

6th November, 10:31 pm

i just pushed out a big update to london bloggers - the first since i started it in 2002. the full source is on github

6th November, 9:46 pm

mad men plus nat king cole = genius

6th November, 9:46 pm

usb in power outlets totally makes sense. most of my chargers are just usb these days

4th November, 6:41 pm

hHumans won't pay to watch dinosaurs ride motocross bikes forever

3rd November, 5:10 pm

the idea of using genetic algorithms to find the optimal starcraft 2 build order is awesome [via wistow]