Posts from January 2007

30th January, 3:28 pm

kevin rose's the broken is hilarious (and i've only watch the first 30 seconds). wow

25th January, 9:26 pm

950 things mr welch can no longer do during an rpg. jokes for nerds, jokes for nerds

25th January, 3:19 pm

breadcrumbs sounds pretty cool - has anyone tried it out? [via aaron]

23rd January, 12:11 am

copyinf pb - my top artists from the last year. is that really what i listened to? the lack of ipod tracking skews it significantly, since it means i only capture work and not travel.

20th January, 2:03 am

presentation zen's piece about the cingular ceo at macworld is worth reading [via pb]

16th January, 1:25 pm

le grand content is a beautiful little spoof stats/graphs video. also worth checking out indexed if you haven't already seen it. [via myles, via mathowie]

16th January, 10:38 am

i managed to miss this a year ago - i've had a village named after me

16th January, 8:33 am

this apple technote contains a bunch of interesting information about the threading models used by OSX

15th January, 12:22 am

a interesting article on huge numbers [via xkcd]

5th January, 4:13 pm

spiders on drugs. keep watching, it gets ... interesting [via dunstan]