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30th June, 5:57 pm

and who doesn't love tag galaxy? not really a visualization. but planets! that spin!

30th June, 5:56 pm

via grim, from forever ago - my cat hates you. maybe linked here before?

30th June, 5:33 pm

etech09 has just been announced for march 9-12, but the website doesn't seem to be up yet. who's planning on going? i'm kinda sad i missed it this year

30th June, 5:30 pm

mr carden pointed me to word tree for creating interesting visualizations. still not quite what i'm looking for here

30th June, 5:28 pm

did i ever link to the new flip mino? it looks pretty awesome

30th June, 3:55 pm

if you like it so much why don't you go live there dot com. thanks to hammond for reminding us about it

30th June, 3:36 pm

some guys i know had some DNS issues when they switched servers. turns out you need to open port 53 for TCP aswell as UDP. who knew? some details here

30th June, 2:00 pm

just installed twitterlicious for windows. anyone got any better windows suggestions, while Twitter AIM bot is still down?

30th June, 12:17 pm

wow is set to lose its crown as the world's largest mmo. to sulake's habbo. wow [via js]

30th June, 12:08 pm

there's no way to permalink to the radiohead blog (wtf?), so i'm linking straight to the swf. thom and jonny playing portishead. my day is complete. [update, here's the permalink]

30th June, 11:57 am

subatomic particle plushies. god bless the internets

30th June, 11:47 am

the dnd4 player's handbook is largely available online

30th June, 11:36 am

aha. joshua found the slides for roo's lego talk

30th June, 11:20 am

anyone know if multifox has been ported to windows yet?

30th June, 11:13 am

webkit is now supporting the css variables spec. in a word, badass.

30th June, 11:10 am

roo's talk on lego from interesting 08 is great. anyone know if the slides are on slideshare?

30th June, 11:05 am

i need a bacon scented tux. srsly

30th June, 10:36 am

browsers continue to get dumb. or rather, people find the dumbness. lib_filter isn't vulnerable though - woo for white-lists.

30th June, 10:32 am

RSA tokens for WoW? yes. not actually a bad idea

30th June, 10:28 am

glados + gps = creepy awesome!

29th June, 12:48 pm

twitter vs rick astley

27th June, 11:33 am

"While I've got more photos on Zooomr, I find Flickr's uptime to be more reliable at this point, but barely.". barely more reliable? hehehehe

27th June, 11:28 am

the guy flying this helicopter is a genius maniac. want

24th June, 11:00 am

most awesome thing i've seen in a long time - gizmodo tours the lego vault

24th June, 9:52 am

anyone know much about eagle eye? coates suggested i watch the trailer and it looks pretty fun

24th June, 9:46 am

this appears to be a full listing of all the emotes in wow. nice [via wafer]

22nd June, 6:23 pm

wow + rickroll = pretty awesome [via bogan]

20th June, 4:39 pm

the ikea generator is pretty awesome

20th June, 3:01 pm

xulrunner 1.9 has finally gone golden. woo! progress!

20th June, 2:09 pm

new lego death star with stuff inside it? bah. i might have to get it

20th June, 2:02 pm

istat menus look badass for mac users

20th June, 1:14 pm

flickr machine tag explorer is awesome. i guess that's why we have machine tags

20th June, 1:14 pm

i want to learn volapuk (yes, reading spook country, obviously)

20th June, 8:57 am

star wars cosplay + dancing = who knows

19th June, 2:22 pm is really nicely done

19th June, 2:21 pm

nice piece from drew on firefox text anti-aliasing during opacity changes

19th June, 2:13 pm

see? the new indy film is awesome!

19th June, 10:22 am

get lamp looks like it'll be pretty cool. i want to play the game whose map is shown in the trailer (the huge one)

18th June, 8:26 pm

requiem for a day off looks great

18th June, 6:06 pm

too difficult. can only get to level 13 [via js]

18th June, 5:58 pm

some interesting info on reverse engineering the kindle [via lhl]

18th June, 12:44 pm

sparkly carebears!

18th June, 11:06 am

more awesome tshirts. <3 internets

17th June, 4:24 pm

sorry i missed your party. nice work

17th June, 10:41 am

baconhenge? myles is my copilot

15th June, 5:24 pm

moldy peaches + uke + random lyrics = more win

15th June, 5:09 pm

tom cruise crazy. j-co plus uke = awesomer

15th June, 4:05 pm

kids + decks = awesome?

13th June, 2:17 pm

the code swarm videos are pretty cool [via joshua]

13th June, 12:38 pm

hulk not scary. hulk look like shrek

11th June, 3:35 pm

the sabotage manual from 1944 really does sound like normal practice today. i think i've applied 6 rules already today

11th June, 1:59 pm

so it looks like overlay devices are just around the corner - i need enkin [via aaron]

11th June, 1:22 pm

unicorn! i want one

10th June, 3:33 pm

also in bacon news: the bacini (thanks andy)

10th June, 2:44 pm

a recipe for kitten bacon. thanks bogan

10th June, 2:26 pm

a solution to something that had been plaguing me lately. firefox internal error messages tend not to be very explanatory

9th June, 4:58 pm

geoducks are strange (including a very old photo of mine)

9th June, 10:17 am

i want one of these so much - are you listening apple? be sure to check out pages 2, 3 & 4 for more awesome [via jude & dunstan]

6th June, 9:52 am

a review of atm interaction design from one of the guys that designed the (awesome) wells fargo atm interface

5th June, 4:15 pm

a group of people built a camera rig and sent it 30km upwards, taking photos. the videos are awesome

5th June, 8:35 am

from the wow-nerd-iverse - druid solos ony. 2 hours of moonfire ftw

5th June, 8:33 am

probably not useful in any way, but bomomo is pretty. ish

3rd June, 2:56 pm

bacon + fries + stick = awesome

2nd June, 5:27 pm

joshua insists this is great, but i suck at it. click click click


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