Posts from October 2011

31st October, 10:30 am

why is the midwest called the midwest, given it's not in the west of the country? no idea, but this map is super helpful

28th October, 11:39 am

can't decide between a private island or a mega-yacht? well now you don't have to. finally!

28th October, 10:26 am

shape type is really nicely done - that shit is hard

25th October, 11:37 am

some really nice thought experiment videos from the open university

20th October, 11:37 am

if you watching the election night armistice in 1997 and wanted to relive it, it's totally possible. just me? hmm

19th October, 1:12 pm

lytro is going on sale early 2012, starting at $400. niiiiice

18th October, 9:01 pm

twig looks neat, if i ever get sick of smarty. syntax is a little odd though

17th October, 8:21 pm

after watching the excellent jotly video, i kinda wish it was real. A+

11th October, 11:21 am

can't remember where i found the original link, but this study of latency to different cloud providers is interesting. i'd like to see something similar for their CDNs

3rd October, 6:23 pm

ooooh - cuusoo is like kickstarter for lego. perhaps it's time to dig out the carcassone designs

1st October, 1:05 pm

gourmet gaming is a great concept - recreating dishes from video games