Posts from August 2009

31st August, 11:22 pm

the folks at youcity are basically insane geniuses. with a focus on the insane part

28th August, 9:40 am

not a great presenter, but wireless electricity is awesome

26th August, 7:03 pm

tennis for two is a computer game. from 1958

26th August, 2:01 pm

21 lovely typefaces that are free (but shouldn't be)

26th August, 1:43 pm

the new wow non-combat-pet isn't completely non-combat

26th August, 1:09 pm

i kind of hope that the phone with built-in lighter is real

26th August, 1:07 pm

in b flat is pretty awesome (if your browser can handle it)

25th August, 12:13 pm

the cpan testers matrix is a really good tool (especially for a cpan tool) - an at-a-glance report of how well your various modules are testing (and motivating me to fix the failing ones)

25th August, 12:02 pm

wonderful granta article about pipe smoking. not sure where i found that

25th August, 10:06 am

a bunch of cool slippers from toxel

24th August, 11:16 am

a mathematical model for zombie outbreaks. the key to survival is a fast response

23rd August, 11:57 pm

the humans are doomed. we should just give up now

23rd August, 8:45 pm

beautiful cellphone concept for displaying weather. lovely

23rd August, 6:59 pm

oauth-proxy is a neat solution to the trickery involved with debugging oauth apis

21st August, 5:42 pm

i've only just heard about avatar - looks pretty

21st August, 2:04 pm

cataclysm has just been announced. looks hot. the new map expands on a lot of the existing content, filling in the gaps (the gaps themselves are pretty interesting too)

20th August, 5:34 pm

currently listening to Die Alone by Ingrid Michaelson - whimsical, as amy might say

20th August, 11:44 am

fatal farm does some really nice work

20th August, 11:27 am

the best thing about dive in html5 is how great it looks in FF 3.5. and probably other browsers

19th August, 10:43 pm

alive in joberg was the pre-cursor to the wonderful district 9. watch the former online and then rush to the cinema to see the latter. apart from the cat food bit. that was just gross

19th August, 10:15 pm

this is a little bit bizarre/awesome. watch from the start to around 1:01

19th August, 7:41 pm

i really want to get certified

19th August, 3:25 pm

codepad is great - a pastebin with a built-in compiler/interpreter

18th August, 9:53 am

re-reading hob last night (in a beautiful hand made book version) - the parody article on transhumanism is great

17th August, 11:05 pm

warbot is only 9 strips long, but it's sad and wonderful

17th August, 10:11 pm

the wikipedia/imdb effect is real science, bitches. (see? not my fault!)

17th August, 2:43 pm

everybody should vote for myles' panel

17th August, 9:55 am

i'm a sucker for awesome visualizations

14th August, 5:27 pm

the future is a mere 498 years away. i can't wait

14th August, 5:11 pm

twitter ranks in last place on the communications medium intimacy chart

14th August, 5:03 pm

some of the 23 badly placed web ads are a little lame, but there are some gems in there

14th August, 5:00 pm

this kid has a whole channel of lip dubs recorded in the nyc apple store. he's great

14th August, 4:57 pm

this wine & fruit crate flooring is quite wonderful. splintery?

14th August, 4:56 pm

hitler is pretty angry about the friendfeed acquisition

14th August, 10:06 am

these LED stair rails are great, but the designer's site is a flash monstrosity that wont let me view his portfolio. why do people think that's clever?

14th August, 9:20 am

sloane peterson is so choice

13th August, 7:12 pm

it looks like a pretty tasty burger

12th August, 6:31 pm

this sounds pretty cool. and not just because i'm a little bit in love with tilda swinton. well, maybe mostly

12th August, 5:47 pm

these smart car body kits are too awesome for words. apart from the word awesome

12th August, 10:05 am

after effects can be a little unstable

10th August, 6:17 pm

i'd like one of these [warning: contains annoying sound]

10th August, 6:16 pm

got old hard drives lying around that you can't get data off? this looks pretty useful

10th August, 4:23 pm

i need to see this movie so hard

10th August, 4:08 pm

wenda and branston are my heroes

3rd August, 12:10 am

god i hate XSLT. is there honestly no way to say 'include this external HTML fragment at this point'? makes inserting a header into your document annoyingly difficult. but i persisted. probably quicker to hack mod_dav_svn than to mess around with SVNIndexXSLT. the part where you can't server sub locations from outside DAV also sucks.

1st August, 1:18 pm

flickr for busy people is a wonderful little app. great work aaron