Posts from January 2006

27th January, 4:55 pm

qlaonic is a great syntax resource [via salti]

27th January, 12:35 pm

Building Scalable Web Sites : Building, scaling, and optimizing the next generation of web applications - crumbs

27th January, 10:55 am

the pleix films are beautiful [via george]

25th January, 3:49 pm

if you miss me in your part of the world, you can catch me talking at 4 upcoming events - web design world in san francisco, the web 2.0 summit in london, my workshop in new york and emeging tech in san deigo. more details on my talks site

22nd January, 7:18 pm

need to check back on the slanket site in a couple of weeks when they have more stock

19th January, 9:01 pm

sick of imdb? the movie deaths database is great

17th January, 10:09 pm

salti points out an interesting article about dealing with bad request traffic over http

17th January, 3:53 pm

a date for your diaries: calmus 2006

15th January, 12:44 am

i need to take a look at the gnupod module to see if i can hook up ipod play counts to lastfm for better stat tracking

13th January, 3:36 pm

gama-go has some nice shirtage [via derek]

13th January, 1:06 pm

registering domains for a single photo is the new cool

12th January, 12:40 pm

she keeps all her ports open like windows ME, there's so much drama in the PhD. [via leonard via gordon]

10th January, 3:39 pm

tenbills have some nice shirts [via heather]

7th January, 12:41 am

audioscrobbler's web services offerings are looking a lot more comprehensive these days. need to hook up the media page at some point soon.

6th January, 9:48 am

mozilla's extension building tutorial is really well written.

5th January, 11:12 pm

omg omg omg. next generation mindstorms. anyone know where i can pre-order it?

4th January, 3:58 pm

veer has some nice typography-related shirts

4th January, 12:33 pm

page saver for ff 1.5 looks very very cool. like paparazzi for osx only works on windows and is built right into the browser. does visible-portion captures too.

3rd January, 4:12 pm

mr messina has started selling his designs in tshirt form. mmm

3rd January, 4:09 pm

the medieval unicode font initiative are doing interesting things with the unicode private use area

2nd January, 11:24 pm

a good guide to washing care symbols

1st January, 2:02 pm

calendar fact of the day: january 1 of any year whose number is a multiple of 400 is a saturday. From this you can work out the day of the week of any date. thanks wikipedia