Posts from February 2010

28th February, 7:50 pm

i'm only 113/250 on wathcing the imdb top rated movies. framerater is awesome

28th February, 2:05 pm

very nice post on io9 about the various maps of lost island. a couple in there i hadn't seen before

27th February, 11:50 pm

the best thing about 15 signs you're talking to a canadian is that it's totally true

27th February, 11:49 pm

logorama is amazing. watch it now. all the way through [via cb]

25th February, 2:40 pm

they're $75k, but i still want a jetpack

24th February, 12:03 pm

cannablat has nothing on robot unicorn attack. seriously

23rd February, 4:31 pm

sushi cat is a super fun little game. a little over-easy, but very cute

23rd February, 3:11 pm

my so called life, 15 years later. i am still in love with both of them [via cb]

21st February, 3:15 pm

this person makes amazing lego. makes me want to give up computers and just build bricks all day

19th February, 12:49 pm

wow, flyfire is amazing, i see many small robots in our future

17th February, 12:52 am

stupid wikipedia. i should be asleep, not researching numbers stations

16th February, 4:34 pm

artificial flight is not only impossible, it's pointless.

9th February, 3:39 pm

ok, this might just be the best advert ever made

9th February, 3:20 pm

dancing storm troopers are the pinnacle of our culture. i support this

9th February, 12:59 am

t shirt war! a really nice idea, well executed

5th February, 4:06 pm

it's the "i love you" on the blade that really brings it all together.

4th February, 3:31 pm

forget metal type - wooden type is where it's at

3rd February, 11:57 pm

anyone know who does lego's ads. some really excellent work in there

3rd February, 11:55 pm


3rd February, 4:58 pm

hurley/jorge has a lost podcast. awesome!

3rd February, 3:05 pm

once you figure out how to go to the next strip (hey, why not make it obvious?), axe cop is awesome

2nd February, 6:19 pm

so this is interesting - blizzard to release auction house integration into armory. and some of it to be premium? on top of the $15 per-account per-month subscription fee, i assume. but the big question is will it support buying and selling over the web? and via an api. oooh

2nd February, 5:23 pm

a cleanup of my IM list reveals 633 contacts, not counting bots. too many humans