Posts from August 2006

31st August, 10:17 pm

portal looks awesome

18th August, 9:18 am

toke have a nice selection of tshirts [via b3ta]

15th August, 3:56 pm

ack is awesome [via asc]

9th August, 10:41 pm

overplot is a genius overheard/maps mashup

9th August, 7:44 pm

rails has reached that nasty stage where alot of people are using it and a hole is found. it's been handled interestingly, for sure

8th August, 4:30 pm

the arcata eye has a brilliant weekly summary of police activity [via stew]

8th August, 3:56 pm

baconaise might just be the culinary invention of the century [via stew]

7th August, 3:17 pm

cooper black - behind the typeface [via coates]

2nd August, 11:30 pm

thanks to Robin Pan, there's now a chinese translation of my javascript article at vitamin